Report: Ryan Leaf arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery

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Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf was arrested in Palm Springs, California, on Friday for misdemeanor domestic battery, reports.

Leaf’s bail was set for $5,000.

The Chargers selected Leaf with the second overall choice in 1998, but his career did not last long.

He started only 18 games with the Chargers, going 4-14 with 13 touchdowns and 33 interceptions. Leaf finished his career in Dallas in 2001, going 0-3 with one touchdown and three interceptions.

Leaf, 44, has openly talked about his personal problems, which included an addiction to prescription pain medicine and his multiple arrests on burglary and drug charges. His release from prison in 2014 marked the last time he had been behind bars.

He has shared his recovery story as a motivational speaker in recent years and had become a program ambassador for a sober-living environment with homes in multiple cities.

Leaf joined ESPN in 2019 as a college football analyst.

30 responses to “Report: Ryan Leaf arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery

  1. If he was drafted by the Colts, things may have been differently for his playing career and in life.

  2. This could be real or someone trying to get $ so need more facts. I remember in 2014 Marshawn lunch was accused of assault and it turned out to be simply subject trying to get a payday from him. Not saying that is the case here but best not to judge early based on a tmz report alone imo.

  3. Terrible news. Hopefully he just had a bad night and isn’t a sign of trouble or darker days ahead in Leafs future. If he’s still sober this is likely just a blip on the radar and will end up being nothing, but if he is using again this could be the first warning sign of rough waters ahead. Hopefully Leaf has good people around him who can help him.

  4. They warned us about this. Domestic violence would go up during the lockdown.

  5. Blew his one last chance (media job). Hope he will eventually get it together

  6. Just heard him with Torrey and Kannel recently and he sounded like he had his act together. Now this. This guy has serious issues and they’ve apparently not all disappeared. Hard to understand….

  7. It is remarkable how some people get arrested and its all fire and brimstone while for others we should wait and see….

  8. I remember Leaf said he deliberately didn’t show for the predraft Colts interview b/c San Diego was “great weather, beach, and girls”. The city of Indy has been thanking their lucky stars ever since.

  9. Say what you want about Jamarcus Russell, but I haven’t heard anything about him off the field in years. Ryan Leaf has constantly been in trouble and for some reason is still given a platform by media companies.

  10. The guy admitted everything he did to mess up his life, and now this. Ryan is truly a Shakespearean character. I am reserving my judgment on this event and I hope he didn’t hurt someone. I’m still in his corner, hoping he can fight the good fight against his demons and do better.

  11. That’s a bummer, I thought he was turning it around. I heard him do some games and he really had promise as an analyst.

  12. I remember attending one of Leafs, three career victories, when he led the Chargers to a victory over the Oilers here in Nashville before they became the Titans.
    He looked poised and unrattled but the next week against the Chiefs in KC, the wheels came off and he never recovered from that terrible game.

    Not all top draft picks can be thrown into the fire of playing too soon. Sitting and learning from a veteran, might have helped his career.

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