Matthew Stafford’s renovated house made some teammates leery

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Not long after Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford met virtually with reporters to dispel offseason rumors that he could be moving on from Detroit, his $6.5 million Michigan home landed on the market. Stafford’s wife, who had a hand in stoking the offseason rumors, quickly tried to shoot down the notion that the Stafford’s are preparing for a permanent exit from the area.

Nothing will change the perception that 2020 will be a boom-or-bust, up-or-out year for plenty of employees of the Lions franchise. And nothing will change the reality that the Stafford house is awesome.

Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press takes a closer look at the residence, with plenty of details about an extensive renovation conducted by the Staffords from June 2015 through May 2017. Builders gutted the old house and added 3,000 square feet.

It’s a very impressive structure, including one very unique feature (apart from the indoor basketball court with wood from the Pistons’ Silverdome floor): A 600-bottle wine room with a glass ceiling that looks up into the dining room.

Project manager Tim Birchmeier told Monarrez that the glass floor left some of Stafford’s larger teammates leery.

“He had a couple of the linemen over there and they didn’t want to sit at the dining room table,” Birchmeier said. “They didn’t want anything to do with that. . . . That glass is an inch and a quarter thick. But I was a little leery myself weighing close to 300 . . .  the first couple times stepping on it myself.”

The article contains a lot more about the house, which at $6.5 million sounds like a bargain. For anyone who has $6.5 million to spend on a house. And who has no qualms about traipsing around on a glass floor.

11 responses to “Matthew Stafford’s renovated house made some teammates leery

  1. They should be leery of the fact that his overall record is 68-78-1 and has a 0-3 playoff track record in his career. The Lions need a GM that isn’t trying to rebuild the Patroits with a laundry hamper looking HC that can’t manage a defensive or offensive scheme any better than he can manage a locker room.

    The Lions are a mess and Stafford’s ship sailed after his third consecutive playoff failure loss. That’s why the only news coming out of Detroit is about Stafford’s stupid home renovations.

  2. Stafford wasn’t a winning quarterback LONG before they hired Patricia, so laying that blame on the current coach is a bit of a stretch to say the least

  3. People need to get off Stafford’s back. There’s more to being a man than playing some silly game like football. I mean, you think Obama plays football?

  4. Maybe its me cuz I’m not rich but these huge mansions always look like nobody ever lives in them. They remind me more of a museum than an actual home where a family lives.

  5. Looking at Matthew Stafford’s career record and career earnings, Dak Prescott should get paid.

  6. I would have multiple little homes. 6.5M isn’t all that much but in many places in MI it can get you a lot. For that I could get 4 or 5 homes in places I really want to be and migrate as season dictates.

  7. This is why players need $25M+ to play football, so they can build houses with 600-bottle wine cellars with glass ceilings. No wonder so many of these multi-millionaires are broke a few years after retiring. #smh

  8. I think some of you are missing the point on these homes. Yes they are nice to have and show off but most of the time it’s the financial planner that’s asking these guys to invest in real estate. There are only so many ways you can diversify your portfolio and these types of homes do see growth as well as being protected assets.

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