Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning hold on to win The Match

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Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson reminded us Sunday what we have missed the past two months. The Match: Champions for Charity provided an entertaining afternoon of live golf.

Woods and Manning held off Mickelson and Brady, winning 1 up, in the rain at Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida. In truth, everyone won.

The match raised $20 million for several organizations assisting with COVID-19 relief efforts, Will Gray of Golf Channel reports.

“It’s great, the fact that we all came together and we were able to raise $20 million for those that have been so severely affected,” Woods said, via Gray. “This is our arena. This is what we do. We couldn’t imagine going out onto the field and doing what they do.”

Brady, whose golf game screams amateur who plays a charity event every now and again, took some good-natured ribbing on social media from Sean Payton and others. With the players wearing earpieces and microphones, Charles Barkley taunted Brady during the broadcast.

Brady answered with the shot of the day, holing out from the fairway on No. 7.

“Take a suck of that, Chuck,” Brady said to Barkley. “Shut your mouth, Chuck. Take a load of that medicine. Get your butt out of here. That’s what I needed.”

Brady also split his pants on the shot.

“Well, there was so much torque in my swing,” Brady said.

Woods and Manning won three of the first six holes but had to hang on for the win after Brady and Mickelson got within 1.

“I know Tom and I were kind of comparing notes and feelings to each other,” Manning said. “To go behind the ropes in these guys’ world and kind of be in the arena with them, it was a really special experience. I was not comfortable the entire time, from the first tee all the way down here.”

33 responses to “Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning hold on to win The Match

  1. Brady should try using a driver… Couldn’t have been more erratic than he was with his fairway wood.

  2. If it wasn’t for the fact that there is nothing else worth watching on. This was a snoozer at best. But I still watched.

  3. Brady made one good shot and a couple of putts. Worst 8 handicap I’ve ever seen 😂

  4. That was so much fun to watch. The good shots, bad shots, banter, heavy rain, and tons of money raised for charity. Best thing I’ve seen on TV in quite some time. Can’t wait to see more sporting events coming back soon.

  5. Peyton is very good with par 3, iron game. He isn’t Tiger or Phil, but he is very good. Brady had a couple awesome shots, but his golf game is at a very average amateur level.

  6. I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining this was. Those four guys were hilarious together. Woods and Mickelson are 6’1″ and 6’3″ — so they are not small — but they seemed dwarfed by Manning and Brady. Manning looks like he can really play.

  7. Didn’t watch but good for them for raising money for charity. It’s so easy for us ‘common folk’ to sit behind a keyboard and talk about all the things pro athletes should do for charity but they have lives as well. They truly don’t owe us anything. So for some very top notch athletes to take the time out to raise money to charity is great.

    As a Dolphins fan, I hate Tom Brady, the NE QB. But as a compassionate person, Tom and Phil didn’t lose, rather everyone won. Good on all four of them.

  8. This should be an annual event with different football players each year. They should also only use amateurs whose index is 5 or lower.

  9. Great cause and needed comical relief. Heck, a round of golf brought in $20M to help those in need. To that I, and to all others helping in their own way I say “thank you”.

  10. Did you see Brady hole that shot? This alone makes him greater than Tiger, Phil or Peyton. Oh Tom…….

  11. Brady looked so bad early, Brooks Koepka tweeted a pledge of 100k if Brady could even make a par on the front 9. That hole out had more than one, ‘in your face.’

  12. Proof that a Manning will always be superior to a Brady any sport, any time.

  13. omniscient48 says:
    May 24, 2020 at 11:54 pm
    I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining this was. Those four guys were hilarious together. Woods and Mickelson are 6’1″ and 6’3″ — so they are not small — but they seemed dwarfed by Manning and Brady. Manning looks like he can really play
    that’s the first thing I noticed was how small Tiger looked compared to Brady and Manning. Also got reminded me of the scene from Caddyshack when “Carl” was caddying for the priest in the rainstorm … all in all very entertaining.

  14. Brady spinning that wedge back into the cup was a pro-level shot. The guy was very ragged at the beginning and for most of the day, but 99% of amateurs have no capability to hit a shot that looks like that, ever.

  15. s
    Leman Russ says:
    May 25, 2020 at 10:14 am
    Proof that a Manning will always be superior to a Brady any sport, any time.

    Said absolutely no one

  16. lol you people and how you romanticize your most favoritist football players everrrrrr are grossly over exaggerating the size difference between say Woods and Brady. Dude we’re talking 2 inches, 3 inches at most in height difference, and if anything Tiger looked more fit than all of them put together – Tiger was the only one that looked like a person that lifts. Brady is tall and lean, has a vegan diet and doesn’t lift weights and it shows. Peyton obviously stopped working out and it shows and doesn’t look that much different from Phil. Tiger was by far the most put together

  17. The first 9 wasn’t as entertaining as the back 9.
    I think the alternate shot that was used on the back 9 made it an interesting match. If they do something like this again,…. do the alternate shot for all 18.
    I also enjoyed the subtle sarcasm and verbal jabs. But it sure got serious after 14.
    Too bad it rained.

  18. Brady looked like a guy who has been training for an upcoming football season and not spending much time on the golf course. He hit some great shots that you can tell he’s a pretty good golfer if he had time to practice.

    Entertaining match. Brady/Lefty had chances to tie it up on the back 9 but they missed some easy putts or Manning/Tiger hit some big shots to match Brady/Lefty approach shots. Having them all mic’d up was great. Manning and Lefty are natural on the mic.

  19. Brady an 8 cap? I think not….more like an 18.
    Stick to the gridiron, boy

  20. What a fun match! Four of the greatest pro athletes having a day on the links and a lot of money raised for charity, I especially loved it when Tommy ripped his pants while making that great shot in the hole.

    Are you kidding me….Foles and Eli have no star power whatsoever and no one would even know their names except for their being part of teams that stole a Super Bowl. Sheesh!

  21. Peyton has been retired for 5 years and more than likely been playing lots of golf polishing his skills. Brady will catch up with them when he retires. He probably has the least experience and time playing golf but he was the one who made the awesome shot. That was just freakish. All in all a fun and fruitful event.

  22. 5 index or lower?

    That ain’t charity golf, the fun is in watching EVERYTHING else but scratch golf.

  23. Great event, the charity made a lot of money. However, I don’t want to hear another commentator, owner or player complain about “social distancing”, “wearing masks”, or any other coronavirus tripe. Nobody has complained about these four individuals who ignored these “guidelines”. However, they have no problems complaining about the President, who refuses to play by “their rules”.

  24. Manning is not distracted by having to prepare for an upcoming NFL season.

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