Carson Palmer: Joe Burrow needs patience, Bengals drafted No. 1 for a reason

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Carson Palmer knows exactly what Joe Burrow is facing right now as he prepares to join the Bengals as the first overall pick in the NFL draft. And Palmer thinks Burrow is going to need some time to turn the franchise around.

Palmer, who was drafted first overall by the Bengals in 2003, says Burrow has to be patient with himself and get patience from everyone else as he tries to help the worst team in the league last year rebuild.

“If you get shellacked in Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, just keep fighting,” Palmer said on Arizona Sports 98.7. “Because they are a couple steps behind, personnel-wise. There’s a reason they’re drafting No. 1, it’s because they’re a couple years away. So just come in and know that it’s gong to be a rough start from the jump. But coming off a national championship, coming off all the success he’s had at the collegiate level, maybe his work ethic can come in and create a culture there that there’s a certain level of commitment, a certain level of work ethic and expertise and professionalism that he can bring in and I hope to see that rub off on all the guys around him.”

The Bengals showed a lot of patience with Palmer, who never stepped on the field as a rookie. Burrow won’t get that much patience, but he’ll probably go through the usual rookie growing pains, and he’ll certainly lose a lot more games in Cincinnati than he lost at LSU.

12 responses to “Carson Palmer: Joe Burrow needs patience, Bengals drafted No. 1 for a reason

  1. Palmer needs to go away. there is no comparison to back then and now. he is just trying
    to keep his name relevant. get lost in the desert and stay there.

  2. There was a reason that the Bengals picked #4 overall in 2011 and that was because Palmer was terrible. They got to the playoffs the very next year with rookie QB Andy Dalton.

  3. Because they are a couple steps behind, personnel-wise. There’s a reason they’re drafting No. 1, it’s because they’re a couple years away.

    They are always a couple steps behind because of the front office. They have a clueless, tightwad owner and the rest of the front office is filled with people whose only qualification was being related to the owner. Those who don’t fit that bill are merely “yes men” who will do whatever Mike Brown wants without question.

  4. when teams draft a qb in the top 10, i never understand why the rest of the draft isnt filled with o-linemen. you arent winning right away, so keep the franchise qb upright, have him learn, and go skill position and defense the next 2 drafts.

  5. Things a loser would say for $200 Bob.

    This really shows Palmer’s mental make-up as a competitor. Be patient? No real competitor is going to accept losing and hope things are better in a couple years.
    This is why a rookie 2nd round QB with a shortened pre-season was able to come in and take the Bengals to the playoffs when Palmer failed.

  6. Carson never brings up how he got everything he wanted in Cincinnati from weapons, a solid defense and always was one of the highest paid QBs. He questions the Bengals commitment to winning but fails to mention he left and the team made 4 or 5 straight playoffs. Sure they werent quite good enough for the next step but drastically improved the day he left. This guy is the true definition of bitter. Nothing worse than a bust who doesnt realize he was a bust. He never had the X factor and boy is he gonna cry if Joe does.

  7. A great QB can overcome a bad roster but that’s rare. Elway used to make the SB with terrible teams but I doubt that can be done in today’s NFL.

  8. Not the same situation as palmer. Burrow has things at his disposal palmer didnt. Like heart, toughness and what they call ‘it’. Things carson cant buy

  9. When you’re an Orange County, private school, extremely talented but never challenged or tested kid that has no worries in the world, you can coast on your ability and be good but not a winner.

    Burrow came from Athens, Ohio (where I went to college), struggled to get a scholarship, then struggled at OSU, then struggled his first year at LSU, until steel strengthened steel and he became the tough, hardworking player he is.

    Give me a lunch pail player everyday over a golden child.

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