Matthew Stafford: We want to be a great offense

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Matthew Stafford ranked second in the NFL in touchdowns (19), fourth in passing yards (2,499) and fifth in passer rating (106.0) before a Week Nine back injury prematurely ended his season.

It was the Lions quarterback’s first year in Darrell Bevell’s offense.

Now back to health, and with a year in the offense, Stafford expects bigger and better things from himself and the offense this season.

“We want to be a great offense, and the first step to it is making sure everyone is on the same page, pulling in the same direction,” Stafford said, via Tim Twentyman of the team website. “I think we’ve got that. Hopefully, we can continue to grow and get better in year two.”

The Lions have receivers Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, Danny Amendola and tight end T.J. Hockenson back this season. Rookie D'Andre Swift has joined the running backs room with Kerryon Johnson.

Stafford, 32, is heading into his 12th season and his second with Bevell. That experience, Stafford said, should help the Lions given COVID-19’s impact on the offseason program.

“It doesn’t hurt to be in a second year of an offense and not try to learn something new and try to be a rookie quarterback or second-year guy coming in,” Stafford said. “Definitely, I feel like it’s a positive for us as a team and for myself. When I get out there and throw with those guys, when I get chances to work with them, I feel like I can teach them as good as our coaches can on what we’re looking for and what they need to do. That’s an advantage for us. Now let’s just hope that shows up on Sundays.”

Stafford faces pressure in 2020 to actually do what he hopes to do.

24 responses to “Matthew Stafford: We want to be a great offense

  1. If Stafford can stay healthy the Lion’s offense has enough tools to churn out a decent amount of points.

  2. Too bad so sad Matt, your in the same division as the World Champan Green Bay Packers. At least you won’t have the investment of a house in the area, that would complicate things. Look on the bright side, you still have the Bears and the purple ladies up in tundra land.

  3. Matt Hasselbeck Matt Stafford….only 1 has won playoff games and been to a super bowl yet the other gets talked up every year as being tough and having HOF level skills. Kinda like the early Corona projections.

  4. Stafford hadn’t missed a game in almost nine years so expect him healthy and ready to build upon last season. He actually could have come back in week 16 had the last two games meant anything.

  5. Sorry Matt, I see the Bears, Packer and Vike Queens better than the Lions.

  6. 12 years, no playoffs wins, $135 million dollar contract. Yet Dak is bashed 100x more.

  7. Hard not to feel like the window is beginning to close for Stafford. One of the more underrated players, but season ending back injuries the past two seasons is not a good sign.

    Let’s hope the rookie guards develop fast to help give Stafford the running game he has never had in his career.

  8. @Michael E says:
    May 25, 2020 at 6:41 pm
    12 years, no playoffs wins, $135 million dollar contract. Yet Dak is bashed 100x more.
    Stafford and Caldwell were screwed in the playoff loss at Dallas. I was there and it happened right in front of our seats. But you’re absolutely correct about Dak!

  9. I feel bad for the lions. No matter what they do, the refs will find a way to ensure the packers a victory against them.

  10. Hey Guru, Stafford turned the ball over after you claim they got screwed. YOu’re wrong, stop making excuses for Trash Stafford.

    His overall record is 68-78-1 and has a 0-3 playoff track record in his career. The Lions need a GM that isn’t trying to rebuild the Patroits with a laundry hamper looking HC that can’t manage a defensive or offensive scheme any better than he can manage a locker room.

    The Lions are a mess and Stafford’s ship sailed after his third consecutive playoff failure loss.

  11. The goal should be to win games, Matt. Not build up meaningless stats during garbage time against prevent defenses. We know you can do that quite well.

  12. Michael E says:
    May 25, 2020 at 6:41 pm
    12 years, no playoffs wins, $135 million dollar contract. Yet Dak is bashed 100x more.
    Stafford has a legit excuse, he is stuck with the Detroit Lions organization. Dak on the other hand is just not worth what he thinks he is. You can’t tell me Stafford on the Cowboys wouldn’t make them an instant top contender.

  13. He’s been in the NFL for eleven years. He’s only had a passer rating one year–last year in which he only played six games. His career QB rating is 89.3. He has finished with a rating above 90 five times but also finished under 80 twice.

    In his last full season (2018) his QBR was 51.3. He had three games where his QBR was in the 30’s, one game it was 28.7 and another game it was 9.0. You guessed it, they lost all of them. That 51.3 QBR placed him 21st in 2018.

    Does any of this sound like a QB worthy of a $135M contract? He’s just another average QB who has been over-hyped and over-paid.

    Does that sound like a $135M QB?

  14. He’s an easy target…but, he plays for the Lions. He’s handicapped before training camp begins…and that’s coming from a Lions’ fan.

  15. Never will happen with Stafford at QB. He’s a decent QB but the guy has come up small in every big moment he’s faced in the NFL.

  16. The excuses never end with Stafford’s failures. Oh it’s the gm, it’s ownership, it’s his defense. This guys been in the league 12 years, hasn’t won a playoff game, only been to the playoffs 3 times. Has had 3-100 million dollar contracts, and gets little to no heat. He’s put up some nice numbers but his tenure in Detroit has been a failure.

  17. Not a lot of love for Stafford. I will say this — he doesn’t suck. Maybe things could be better in Detroit, but they also could be worse.

  18. purpleguy says:
    May 26, 2020 at 12:28 pm

    Not a lot of love for Stafford. I will say this — he doesn’t suck. Maybe things could be better in Detroit, but they also could be worse.


    That’s rich a Viking fan of a team that has lost (CHOKED) more opportunities to win a Superbowl during the existence of the team than any other team in the division is giving a pep talk to the six decade failing Lions fans that have one playoff win in 63 years.

    How could it possibly get worse than that?

    If Stafford’s overall win record and zero for three playoff attempts doesn’t suck, than what does, lol?

  19. The Lions offense is not the problem. In short order

    Day to day running of the team ( GM )

    The Lions had 2 of the top 4 receivers in terms of TD’s last year, including Golliday #1, 8th in total passing yards, and that was with Stafford missing half the season

    Their run game improved from the year before from 24th to 21st in the NFL, and that was with the #1 RB Johnson missing.

    The TE play could be better, but in the grand scheme of things, it was still middle of the road.

    Again, the offense is not the problem

  20. “Again, the offense is not the problem”

    We know, it’s Stafford’s turnovers in the last few minutes or seconds in ALL THREE of the playoff losses for the Lions in past 11 years.

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