It’s the Chris Simms top 40 QB list, No. 40: Tua Tagovailoa

Chris Simms top 40 QBs: No. 40, Tua Tagavailoa
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The slow time was made for lists. And for the second straight PFT Live slow time we’ve begun to unveil a list that will get some people riled up.

It’s the Chris Simms top 40 quarterback countdown, and we’ll be counting them down to No. 1 through the start of our annual hiatus.

We got it started on Tuesday’s PFT Live with No. 40. It’s the guy who will wear No. 1 and was drafted No. 5 overall by the Dolphins.

Tua Tagovailoa made the cut over Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett and others that will become evidence as we continued to count them down. Another guy who definitely didn’t make the list was Blake Bortles, who Simms once put at No. 70 and of whom Simms has said, “He wasn’t put on earth to throw a football.”

Click here to see who else is on Chris Simms top 40 QBs list.

23 responses to “It’s the Chris Simms top 40 QB list, No. 40: Tua Tagovailoa

  1. Simms is trying too hard to be a hot take hack. Agree or disagree with his rankings fine. But to randomly take a shot at Blake Bortles makes it look like he is trying to hard. Sure Bortles isn’t a great QB, which has nothing to do with this, but Bortles has had a better career than Simms, who is Simms to talk? If Bortles wasn’t put on this earth to throw a football, then what was Simms put on this earth to do? Throw it worse than Bortles and then spend his time trying to act cool in front of Mike Florio?

  2. Simms criticizing QB’s is like taking investment advice from a homeless person.

  3. I don’t get why you continue to feature Chris Simms, the guy never amounted to anything as a player, wears his shirts too small and looks ridiculous with the ear pods

  4. Agreed it’s ridiculous to rank a rookie NFL QB based on his COLLEGE tape. EVERY NFL quarterback looked good in college playing against inferior talent (even Simms himself looked good at Texas with 7,000+ yards…)

    And in defense of Simms here, I’d rather trust a former QB to know what to look for in that position than a former lawyer. Seriously, he just lacked any physical talent to play the game at the NFL level.

  5. Even as a Dolphins fan I would agree it’s hard to put a Rookie QB who has not played a single down in the NFL, above any QB’s who has.

  6. nnagi says:
    May 26, 2020 at 6:17 pm
    I don’t get why you continue to feature Chris Simms, the guy never amounted to anything as a player, wears his shirts too small and looks ridiculous with the ear pods


    Ouch, that one hit a little too close to home.. I probably where my shirts a little too tight, but they don’t start that way..

  7. I cant wait to find out who 39 is… let me guess

    Simms Qb list #39: Russell Wilson

  8. You don’t need to be a great QB to judge QBs or a football player at all, so get off Simm’s case.

  9. I find it laughable that a guy who can thank his daddy for every football achievement in his life is telling another athlete who made it to the NFL on his own that he wasnt put on this earth to throw a football. Chris Simms is a clown who’s never achieved anything on his own and to this day still rides his daddy’s coattails.

  10. Bortles threw for over 17,000 yards with over 100 TDs. Simms ended up with 3,100 yards and 12 TDs and quite possibly never plays in the NFL if his dad hadn’t been a famous NFL quarterback. Which one wasn’t put on earth to throw a football?

  11. The reality is that being an NFL QB is incredibly difficult, and unless you’ve done it, you probably have no idea how hard it is. If you get that far, you’re a pretty darn good QB, even if you’re only the 50th best guy in the entire world to play that position. So, whether Simms or Bortles is better or worse than the other is pretty irrelevant. However, saying derogatory things about someone isn’t usually the best way to get your point across; even though many of us do it. (Me included.)

  12. Dang! Y’all are all up in Simm’s grill. Gruden did not play in the NFL but people treated his opinion on QBs as the gospel.With that said, he saw something in Simms. He does a good job and if i recall his career ended due to having his spleen removed.Pretty sure the guy wouldn’t have been an elite QB but he did play QB in the NFL. That is something.

  13. I don’t get all the hatred for Simms. You people need a life. And this idea that you can’t comment on or analyze something unless you were the greatest ever at that particular thing is beyond idiotic.

  14. If Derek Carr isn’t ranked ahead of Josh Allen I will jump into Lake Erie.

  15. Well, when you’re like the 30th best QB in Tampa Bay team history, you’re going to have a certain mount of jealousy you need to work out.

  16. If this is how he’d rate Bortles, what does Simms rate his own QB career?

  17. If you need to be a great NFL player in order to evaluate players, then why are the majority of NFL GM’s people that never distinguished themselves as NFL players or never played in the league at all?

  18. He has allot of QB knowledge. I dont get the hate. For one he nailed Drew Locks mechanics being the most Pros Ready mechanics and ready to win in 2019. Wasn’t much. But he nailed it. Hes had some other tid bits like Brady etc. Yes he wasnt a stellar QB but most coaches are the best players every to have played. They were players who failed at being stellar. But they are smart and know mechanics and player evaluation. So shut up already about his QB background. Allot of coaches werent probowlers. And… know that I think about it, most probowlers make terrible coaches cause theyre snobs they think everyone should understand. Bryan Cox – UNEMPLOYED.

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