“Dozens of bidders” exploring a potential XFL purchase

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Vince McMahon won’t be trying to buy back the XFL. But someone else apparently will.

Daniel Kaplan of TheAthletic.com reports that “dozens of bidders” are reviewing the league’s financial information, with interest in buying the XFL and relaunching it next February.

McMahon himself will not be a bidder; he confirmed this during deposition testimony given last week.

“I don’t know why that’s out there, making me out to be the bad guy, [that] I’m going to buy the XFL back for pennies on the dollar, basically,” McMahon said, via Kaplan. “That helped me move into the direction of I’m not going to be a bidder, not going to have anything to do with it. I do hope that someone will pay a lot of money for it, and I do hope that it will survive.”

In a court filing, McMahon created the impression that this will indeed happen.

“Based on preliminary feedback, there is a robust market for the [XFL]’s assets, including a number of potentially interested private equity firms and other strategic and financial sponsors,” McMahon said, via his lawyers.

The XFL started strong with relatively high TV ratings, even though they dropped each week and the league never had to compete with NCAA conference tournaments or March Madness. With a growing thirst for live sports and the possibility that legalized sports wagering will explode in the aftermath of the pandemic, the XFL could indeed survive — and perhaps thrive.

35 responses to ““Dozens of bidders” exploring a potential XFL purchase

  1. I hope it relaunches, it was a very good product that was killed by the coronavirus.

  2. I’d love to see Eddie DeBartolo buy this league. Have 8 teams. It would end up like the old AFL, and would eventually merge with the NFL. The NFL would have 40 teams.

  3. Want it and like it.Fun watching men play who are out to to impress and move to the big time.

  4. Hopefully it will feature an ownership group other than “racist old white guys that don’t hire people of color” like the NFL. Sports leagues, like the government, shouldn’t have anyone older than 50 running them

  5. Tebow Time ’21. Take that, Cultural Marxists!
    Why are you always posting about Marxism? Must be a blast at parties.

  6. NFL should buy it and use it as a minor league for all the college talent that could be in limbo if college football does not play in fall 2020

  7. Why should I believe anything being reported after they already reported misinformation?

  8. bearssuck says:
    May 26, 2020 at 8:16 pm
    Vince is nothing but a con man

    A very successful one so u gotta give Vince credit for that

  9. Make that 25, I will give you a $10 Arby’s gift card and a half pack of menthol cigarettes for the XFL

  10. Why would a league fold no one caree about only to pretend to recycle it back into circulation somehow gets you better financial results?

    That’s how greedy these people are. They can’t even accept a clear and predictable failure.

  11. I’m guessing 32 Nfl owners will purchase it right out from the feet of Vince and CORNER the market on YEAR ROUND FOOTBALL!!

  12. Vince just set a wrestling drama story; he’ll unexpectedly show up with pyrotechnics & buy it the closing day.

  13. This iteration of the XFL actually had a lot of potential. The pandemic caused them to shut down, not the league itself. I hope it gets another shot.

  14. skinsrule2020 says:
    May 26, 2020 at 9:50 pm
    Why??? Non NFL leagues Always Fail. Am I wrong?

    Arena league survived startup, failed after a number of years. Define failure? There will likely never be an NFL competitor but that doesn’t mean that an alternative league can’t find a boutique market.

  15. “I hope it relaunches, it was a very good product that was killed by the coronavirus.”

    That’s a convenient excuse but if Vince had liked the ledger sheets he wouldn’t have declared bankruptcy. A hiatus would have eliminated a huge chunk of their expenses including player salaries, travel and all game-related costs. Creditors would have been likely to give extensions rather than get almost nothing with the team going bankrupt.

  16. To the above poster “define failure”… Ok stay in business less than a year of two, doesn’t turn a profit LoL there u go.

  17. bidders most likely don’t want the business, they want the hard assets that they can sell: protective equipment, weights, etc.

  18. Like to hear that most of the bidders are interested in returning to play in 2021. Looks like Vince went about reinstating lease deals to make it easier for the new owners to pick up where he left off, and to also get a larger payout than if these groups were just buying equipment, etc. Alternative football can work if done the right way. NFL Europe completed 12+ seasons, the CFL is nearing 60 years old and the Arena Football League went 32 years before it closed up shop. It’ll never be the NFL, just like MLS will never be the premier league, but a fun little niche with 1.5 or so million viewers and 20k fans puts it right in NHL territory.

  19. Dozens? This is so laughable. If it’s that many then exactly who are they? Dozens of individual bids or a conglomerate of “dozens” with one bid? Well?

  20. Even if they had two dozen parties looking at the information, that does not mean all of them would be bidders. Most may look at it, and realize it doesn’t make sense for them and/or that is may be too expensive for them. I would be surprised if there were more than 4 or 5 legit bidders in the process.

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