Bettors aren’t believing in Ravens, Rams projected win totals

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With gamblers able to bet the over or under on projected team win totals for 2020, bettors don’t believe in the ability of two specific teams of beat their numbers.

According to the William Hill Sports Book, 83 percent of the action on the Rams’ projected win total has landed under 8.5. The Ravens are second in the league with percentage on the under, at 75. Baltimore’s under also has attracted 89 percent of the dollars wagered. The Ravens are tied with the Chiefs at an over/under win total of 11.5.

Last year, Baltimore went 14-2. Gamblers are therefore banking on a drop of at least three games in 2020.

Both teams will have their hands full in their respective divisions. The NFC West is arguably the best division in football. In the AFC North, the Steelers will likely be improved (the attached video looks at their defense), the Browns seem to be on the upswing, and the Bengals have Joe Burrow.

14 responses to “Bettors aren’t believing in Ravens, Rams projected win totals

  1. Defenses now have a full season worth of tape of the Ravens high school offense. They will catch very few teams by surprise again.

  2. Ravens were exposed by the Titans in playoffs. They’re a one trick pony… will have a big drop off this year…

  3. “Gambling is the child of avarice, the brother of iniquity, and the father of mischief.”

  4. agree on ravens. no way lamar wins 11+ games this year. too much tape now.

    make. him. throw.

  5. Give me the under on the Ravens who got 6 easy games against the Steelers backup QBs, the Bengals QBs who were in tank mode and Baker Mayfield who was still too full of himself. This year will be different.

  6. Make him throw. It’s not like he lead the league in touchdown passes last year.

    Oh wait……

  7. Too much tape?said that after year 1 Lmao still gotta stop it easier said than done we been here before next it’s going be he going get hurt then it’s can he win in the playoffs do y’all know the Ravens are better than last year. And guess that Titans loss had nothing to do with age and in inexperience while having 3 weeks off and dropping 8 passes but aye we was picked to finish 3rd in afc north last year see y’all soon.

  8. So glad that everyone, virtually everyone, rates the Rams as a down-and-out team, still paying their karma debt for one play in the NFC Championship in a game where they otherwise beat the living daylights out of the Saints (after falling behind 13-0 under the spell of blatantly illegal whistle-blowing from the fans.) Yes, NFC teams such as the Cowboys, Falcons, Buccaneers, Bears, and Cardinals will eat up the Rams this year! Except… The Rams’ record last year was superior to all of those teams. How quickly we forget what we want to forget!

  9. Except for the loss of Yanda (a big loss, no doubt), the Ravens are essentially in tact from last year. Add to that the fact that, according to most, the Ravens absolutely killed it in the draft. I don’t see a down turn at all. I saw on ESPN yesterday that the Ravens are favored in every single regular season game this year, including at home against the Chiefs. I think the Ravens are going to be scary good this year.

  10. This nonsense about the Ravens is almost laughable… They say Steelers will be better with a broken down Big Ben who couldn’t make it through two games last season and is not trying to recover from major elbow surgery, good luck with the Steelers winning more than eight games if Big Ben can make it through eight games.

    Cleveland Browns were a Super Bowl favorite last season and the won seven games… Baker Mayfield is an overhyped college football QB with a big mouth. Even with OBJ and Jarvis Baker will throw 20 TDs and 29 INTs! If defenses can stop Cleveland running game they are done.

    And let’s not talk about the one year wonder Joe Burrow… Joe Burrow will find out quickly that he is not in Kansas (Wizard of Oz). The Bengals make a huge mistake in releasing Andy Dalton out of respect for both QBs Dalton should have been the bridge for Joe Burrow and a mentor in the QB room.

    It sounds crazy but I think the Ravens will be a better football team because of the playoff loss to the Titans and with the additions in free agency and the draft they made improvements on both sides of the football. If Lamar Jacksons can throw the football consistently to his WRs and open the field with deep a deep passing game with Brown and others the Ravens may be the most explosive team in the NFL next season and that includes the Chiefs…

  11. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    May 27, 2020 at 6:20 pm
    Defenses now have a full season worth of tape of the Ravens high school offense. They will catch very few teams by surprise again.


    I don’t understand this narrative. The offense didn’t do much different from Game 1 to Game 16. Any team that supposedly got “caught off guard” three games into the season should fire their coaching staff.

  12. Keep believing you’ll win w/ Distraction Jackson, Ravens fans. I’d love to see a QB who has 200 rushes & doesn’t get hurt – it would be the first time in NFL history. Especially a small guy like Jackson. He’ll be a footnote soon w/ the run-for-my-life likes of Vince Young, Vick, RGIII etc.

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