Bryan Cox reflecting on his continued unemployment

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Longtime NFL linebacker and assistant coach Bryan Cox has been unemployed for four years.

He’s still not quite sure why, but he said he’s trying to focus on making himself better in case he gets another chance to coach.

The 52-year-old Cox told D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he’s willing to own his part in previous issues, since he was fired three days after the Falcons lost Super Bowl LI. At the time, his 2016 Scouting Combine incident (in which he shoved a Cardinals scout in a disagreement over access to a player) was mentioned as a possible reason.

“For me, it’s just a matter of doing some self-analyzing,” Cox said. “Trying to make myself better and go from there. “I’ve been looking at some of the mistakes I made and [thinking about] what I would do differently. Not putting the blame on anybody else, but trying to look at what I could have done personally differently. . . .

“One of the biggest things that I think I would come up with, when people that are supposedly close to you, but don’t feel like you’re approachable, that they can talk to you. You have to take a look at that. The people that said they were close to me. That I was loyal to, that I felt like I was close to them, but they were not able to have a conversation with me. I must not be approachable in some situations. I’m trying to work through that. I’m trying to figure out some legitimate reasons why that could have been.”

Cox played 12 years in the NFL, making three Pro Bowls during his time with the Dolphins, and won a Super Bowl with the Patriots. He got into coaching with the Jets in 2006 with the Jets, and also worked with the Browns, Dolphins, and Buccaneers before joining the Falcons.

Repairing relationships with his family was part of that. After he was fired, he moved his family from Atlanta to Houston, but a protest from his daughter caused them to go back to Georgia.

“My now 11-year-old daughter said I stole her life from her, took her away from her life and her friends,” he said. “I’m just down here spending time with the family.

“I want to get back into coaching. But the phone hasn’t rung in four years, and that’s a hard thing.”

After so long out, it’s unclear if that call will come. Now he’s working on being a father, and watching his son’s career. Bryan Cox Jr. signed with Buffalo this offseason.

21 responses to “Bryan Cox reflecting on his continued unemployment

  1. “For me, it’s just a matter of doing some self-analyzing,” Cox said. “Trying to make myself better and go from there.”

    This guy’s past might have caught up to him, I remember him being a complete A-hole.

  2. Loved this guy as a player for the Dolphins. Loved watching him play. His intensity was outrageous.

  3. If moving back to Atlanta was based on an 11 year old’s social life, I would really question his decision making in a coaching position.

  4. Maybe Bryan Cox on Hard Knocks shouldn’t have bragged to his players about doing ADULT things when he was 10 years old.

  5. Self reflection is NOT working. If it was, this article would have been several paragraphs long with his confessed transgressions.

  6. Mike Tyson is training in hopes of resuming his boxing career.
    Maybe Cox could try his hand that.
    Many ex-players have become boxers, although it’s a little late in the game at this point for Cox.

  7. What exactly do posters mean when they say an NFL player is out of work and mention McDonalds as an option?

    Odd, it’s almost a black athlete when they use it as a reference.

    I bet none of you would dare say it to Bryan Cox’s face, even at 52.

  8. You have no right to coach or to play in the NFL – so if you are now going four years without a gig, I’d suggest you lower your expectations and work your way back. Stop whining.

    As for McDonald’s and blackness, I have long advocated any miscreant of any color go manage the fry station there – or Carl’s Jr for the particularly stupid person.

    And if he is unwilling to lower his expectations to match REALITY, he’d be not even worth working fries.

  9. In 2001 Bryan Cox delivered the hit on an Indy receiver working the middle of the field that launched a Patriots dynasty. He was a great part-time player for that team.

    B Cox also used to do a radio show with Chris Myers — who used to get so flustered trying to keep him in check — that was first rate. No telling what he would say. I still remember him calling a certain pro bowl-caliber AFC West LB a “devout coward.”

    He’s too young to be without work. I hope he finds some.

  10. Why does he still have to work? The elephant in the room is that it’s darn near impossible to retire early in the US. He should’ve done what I did: take $100k, move to Mendoza Argentina, live like a King off the incredibly high interest rates, fish for giant south american river bass everyday and drink amazing wine twice a day.

  11. I’m going to guess he didn’t impress when he was a coach. The reality of the NFL is that if you can help a team win there is little that you can do to stop from getting hired.

  12. I mean, I wouldn’t say he is doing everything in his power. There are jobs outside of the NFL. Show your worth, earn your next opportunity.

  13. Seriously harsh judgement from a lot of people who I am sure are the epitome of emotional health and success in every aspect of their personal life and careers.

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