Taysom Hill comes in at No. 36 on the Chris Simms top 40 QB list

Chris Simms top 40 QBs: Taysom Hill
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He’s third on his team’s depth chart, but he’s got much greater standing in the league at large.

Saints quarterback Taysom Hill comes in at No. 36 on Chris Simms’ annual top 40 quarterback countdown.

Many would argue that Hill should be much lower, given that he has limited experience at the position. Some would argue that he should be even higher, based on the significant impact he has had during his limited experience. (After, for example, Hill took a snap at quarterback and ran through the Vikings Defense during the fourth quarter of the wild-card game in New Orleans, Vikings play-by-play announcer Paul Allen said that he can’t believe he’s relieved that Drew Brees is back under center.)

While each fan is entitled to an opinion, only one opinion matters, and Saints coach Sean Payton believes in Hill. If/when Hill becomes the successor to Brees, Hill will benefit from the the presence of an offensive mastermind who will create opportunities for Hill to rack up completions, yardage, and touchdowns within a system that is proven to work.

While Hill is still a year away from having the chance to shoot up Simms’ list as the New Orleans starter, Hill’s current skills (even if they haven’t been used very much) justify his placement on the list. His play in 2020 could validate it.

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16 responses to “Taysom Hill comes in at No. 36 on the Chris Simms top 40 QB list

  1. Seriously? He has like seven snaps under center in a real game. Cam is on the street and I would still take him over Hill. The sample size is just too small.

  2. This guy could be the next Cinderella story in the league. Can image a three back set with Karma, Taysom Hill, and Jameis Wilson in the backfield and Brees taking the snap. Two really good WR’s and a quality TE. Three of the four can run or pass. Three of the four can pass.

  3. This list has officially jumped the shark. We’ll see some punter who is his team’s emergency QB in the top 25.

  4. I think Simms needs to unbutton the collar on his shirt, seems to be cutting the blood flow to his brain.

  5. Case Keenum was #14 on this list after his year in Minney. Someone will bank on Hill just like they did with Keenum. Only question is will it work out, for the bankers not Hill because he will get paid just like Keenum did.

  6. THis list is BS! Taysom Hill has not played enough snaps to even qualify!

  7. He’s not a QB. He’s a jack of all trades who has thrown 13 passes in three seasons completing 6. He had a big game in the playoffs and predictably the hype is unrealistic. He’s not even the backup QB at this point and he’s on a top 40 list. Silly.

  8. I feel like a lot of these guys this list are rated based on potential and draft position rather than actual production

  9. If he was this good the Saints wouldn’t always be bringing in another back up with starting experience.

  10. I wonder where Julian Edelman will rank here. He’s gotta be top 3, right? He has a 158.3 career passer rating and has completed every pass he’s ever attempted.

  11. Come on! Ranking him 36th best QB? He has done next to nothing as an actual QB. I just don’t see him the heir apparent to Brees. By the time Brees leaves, if he plays one more year, Hill will be 31. Kurt Warner got a pretty late start for a QB, but by the time he was 31 he had won a Super Bowl and and narrowly lost another. And when Hill was in college playing full time, instead of just gadget plays, he kept getting injured. I just don’t see them putting their faith in him.

  12. @Bucky Badger

    If the latest back-up quarterback is so good, why are the Saints paying him $1M and Hill $21M?

  13. I’d take Hill over Baker Mayfield any day. Hill is a winner without character problems.

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