The Chris Simms top 40 QB list, No. 38: Mitchell Trubisky

Chris Simms top 40 QBs: Mitchell Trubisky
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A year ago, people were betting Mitchell Trubisky‘s betting odds down from ridiculous heights. This year, that won’t be happening.

Trubisky, No. 20 on last year’s Chris Simms quarterback rankings, has plummeted to No. 38.

It’s a long fall, but it was warranted. Still, it’s not entirely clear why it happened. Does Trubisky not have what it takes, does he simply not fit Bears coach Matt Nagy’s offense, and/or has Nagy failed to adapt his offense to Trubisky’s strengths and weaknesses?

He’s not done yet. He can rebound. He can be better than he was in 2018. But it won’t be easy. The clock is ticking on his career as a starter, even more loudly than it was a year ago on Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. Both former potential franchise quarterbacks started Week One last year for their respective teams; Trubisky currently is expected to be on the bench.

Nick Foles will likely start. But if he gets hurt or stumbles or otherwise plays like he did with the Rams, the door will swing open for Trubisky. What he does with that opportunity remains to be seen. Given what we’ve seen from what he did with his past opportunities, his current status on the overall quarterback pecking order is far from unfair.

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10 responses to “The Chris Simms top 40 QB list, No. 38: Mitchell Trubisky

  1. I feel for the guy. The Bears have had bad coaching staffs in place ever since they drafted him and with only a handful of college starts, he needed good coaching. Good offensive lineman would have helped as well. I’ve said this before on this site, I wanted them to draft Watson but Trubisky could have been a serviceable QB for a team that runs the ball well and plays good defense. The Bears haven’t run the ball well in years, certainly not the few years Trubisky has been there. Jordan Howard was capable and showed flashes but they didn’t use him properly either. Another wasted year for Bear fans, just get through this one, can Pace and Nagy at least and start over. Everyone from Ted Phillips on down should go, please try to bring in a good football mind to oversee the entire football operation.

  2. Packer fan here who has lived in Chicago. I sympathize with Bears fans completely. As football fans, we all should. Imagine being a Bear fan waiting for a top flight QB to take them to the promised land. I was there during the punky QBs time under center, he was your last good one. Hang in there fans.

  3. Year in year out , one thing you can always count on is the Bears having a horrible QB.

  4. Mitch is not bad but the Bears wasted so many draft choices for a 1 position move that they created the impression he was the 2nd coming (and which he is not). Players draft lower at his position have played much better and a lousy O-line and a silly running game made things even worse. And the Bears high draft choices have not produced great results the last 5 years to add the final cherry on this mess.

    Bears senior mgmt. needs to shoulder a good part of the Bears current position on the whole Trubisky saga. We will keep watching anyway.

  5. When I was growing up hating the Bears was a religion. They’ve been so bad for decades, it’s hard to hate them.

  6. To my knowledge Mitch has not run into the stands and taken a selfie and forgotten his day job is to lead an offense to more than three and outs and to throw interceptions. Something has happened in Chicago for him to go from decent to dreadful. He may own a bit of the decline, but that team is filled with clowns – Mack is a part time player who shows up for two quarters and makes exactly two plays of note and disappears to Walt Disney world having no impact at all.

  7. For someone that is considered a bust, everyone beats on the kid relentlessly….he sure gets a lot of attention. Chicago has two .500 or better seasons and won the division with this kid. I hope Foles can shock the NFL again because with him at QB and that defense the Bears can easily do some damage, provide Foles is on point and healthy.

    Packers and Bears fans have a mutual respect and I will not be part of the Trubisky bashing, I don’t even think the Bears offensive problem is him, it’s Nagy!

    Go Pack!

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