Jimmy Haslam had a hot mic moment during virtual meeting involving Jerry Jones

Getty Images

There’s a general rule of thumb that applies whenever a microphone is in the vicinity: Assume it’s on, and assume others can hear you.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam disregarded that advice during last week’s virtual ownership meeting.

Haslam, as explained by Adam Schefter of ESPN.com, made what Schefter describes as a “joke” during the roll call. When Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn’t respond, someone from the league office wondered whether Jones had his mute button turned on.

Said Haslam, into a microphone that wasn’t muted, “They should keep Jerry on permanent mute.”

PFT has confirmed that the comment was made, and that it appeared to lack any venom or vitriol. There’s a chance Jones doesn’t feel that way, especially since he has previously declared Haslam to be a “top-five owner” in the league.

When it comes to avoiding making unfortunate comments into a hot mic, Haslam definitely isn’t in the top five.