Ron Rivera on Alex Smith: He has to be able to protect himself to get back on field

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Shortly after Ron Rivera became Washington’s head coach earlier this year, he said that people shouldn’t forget about Alex Smith when it came to discussions about the team’s quarterbacks.

Smith has been out of action since suffering a severe leg injury in 2018 that required numerous surgeries and a decision about amputation that left Smith feeling lucky to be alive. It did not leave him feeling like a return to action was out of reach and Rivera told Mike Tirico on Tuesday that he doesn’t doubt the quarterback’s resolve.

Rivera added that Smith’s determination will only take him so far as there are physical milestones he has to hit before any comeback thoughts can be taken seriously.

“The one thing that he and I talked about, more than anything else, is he’s got to be able to protect himself out on the football field before anything can happen, before we can allow him back on the field,” Rivera said. “He’s doing a great job, he’s working hard. He’s carrying himself the right way. He’s doing things the way he’s supposed to and we’ll see.”

Rivera said he hopes to have a clearer picture on Smith’s outlook at some point in late August.

11 responses to “Ron Rivera on Alex Smith: He has to be able to protect himself to get back on field

  1. I hope he finds a way to come back, he was a good guy and a good QB, and looking around him, he would be their best chance of winning, but only if its ok to do so, I really hope he is recovered ok.

  2. I don’t see why he wants to play again after that injury but I don’t doubt he beats out Haskins and Allen the guy really stepped up his game under Harbaugh and then Reid.

  3. Some things are easily crystal clear.

    Clearly the best QB on the team.

    Clearly does not need to play out of financial need (unless he’s an idiot, and Smith is clearly not an idiot).

    Clearly should step down, count his blessings his leg is still attached and that he is still alive and able to enjoy his life and be there for his family.

  4. I think if he is told that was a career ending injury…Snyder has to pay him the full 75 million of his contract. It sure seems like it was a career ending injury to me.

  5. Best QB they have had in at least 2 decades, I hope he comes back but only if he is 100%.

  6. I wish nothing but the best of luck to Alex after that horrific injury & i hope to God he just retires so he can spend time “walking” around with his wife and kids.
    I watched the 30 for 30 episode and was totally grossed out by how bad that injury was & he was very lucky that he is still alive based on the infections and complications…..walk away while you still can man!

  7. I have a conflict here.

    I found Alice Smith the player to be absolutely gutless and worthless – he is a choker.

    Now, I feel for him in his recovery phase because no one should have so many post op problems.

    But I never want him back on the field. There is a reason the Chiefs scammed the Numbskins and it was not because he was the greatest thing since individually wrapped, sliced cheese. With the Numbskins he never brought the team from behind and was constantly checking down. He made Kirk Cousins look like Joe Montana in comparison. And Alice only beat teams with losing records with the Numbskins – he never beat anything with a pulse.

  8. He’s a good person and this recovery is a great story, but have you seen that leg? Half the muscle is gone. Unfortunately, no amount of rehab is gonna fix that fact.

  9. The only reason to even consider Alex Smith is throwing the towel on Dwayne Haskins

  10. Alex…you’re 36 and you almost lost your leg. I admire your resolve. You had a decent career. It’s time to retire.

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