“Sky judge” proposals withdrawn before vote by NFL owners

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There were a pair of proposals to add an eighth official with access to video and the ability to communicate with on-field officials this offseason, but neither of them is going to be adopted in a vote of NFL team owners.

Neither of the proposals will even be voted on during Thursday’s remote league meeting. Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the the two proposals — one called for a booth umpire while the other wanted to establish a technological advisor with both often referred to as creating a “sky judge” position — have been withdrawn ahead of Thursday’s vote.

It’s not a particularly surprising development. NFL vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said last week that there is not a pipeline of officials able to fill the roles at this point.

There had been some talk about adopting one of the proposals for the preseason and Pelissero adds that the league may still test some “expanded booth-to-official communication system” despite there being no chance of it being adopted for the regular season.

15 responses to ““Sky judge” proposals withdrawn before vote by NFL owners

  1. Of course not. That would take too much sense. Why bother to get the calls right if we can keep messing them up without overview?

  2. Disappointed but not unexpected. Anything that smells like the XFL being more innovative and forward thinking than the NFL the owners or NFL refs would just not let happen.

  3. Can someone make a point of the NE vs Jacksonville AFC Championship game where Tom Brady was being absolutely shut down until they all the sudden decided to get 35 yard sideline PI flags.

  4. They had a chance to make a positive change here.

    I honestly don’t know why I am surprised

  5. It would make Goodell’s cheating more difficult like cheating the Pats numerous times, and then changing the rule after the game to match the incorrect call on the field.

  6. Never mind making changes that could actually help the game…we have unneeded 4th & 15 rules to worry about!

  7. “Man, that totally sucks that an obviously blown call cost my team the game again, but I sure am glad that they didn’t stop the game to get it right.”

    Is this really what NFL execs and idiot TV talking heads think is going through fans’ heads? Cause it’s not.

  8. Why would a fixed sport where only a few people are “in on it” want to muddy the waters with more factual based systems?

  9. “Sky Judge” is such a stupid title. Should of called it “The Fixer”…….

  10. It’s obvious that (1) NFL doesn’t care about officiating quality as long as the money comes in; (2) they don’t care about the gambling implications or, worse yet, they are in on the corrupt side of it. Not many people used to watch or go to as many NFL games as I did (including holding season tickets for the first 7 years of the Saints (A’ints) but I don’t even care if they have a season now. Fed up with NFLPA and NFL both !

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