The Chris Simms top 40 QBs countdown, No. 34: Tyrod Taylor

Chris Simms top 40 QBs: Tyrod Taylor
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Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor hasn’t started a game since September 2018. Still, during his time as a starter, he has generated a record of 23-21-1.

By all appearances, he’ll get the chance to resume his starting career this year, as rookie Justin Herbert learns the NFL ropes. Whether Taylor keeps the job longer than three weeks (that’s when he surrendered the gig in Cleveland to Baker Mayfield) remains to be seen.

The good news for Taylor is that he comes in higher than Herbert on the Chris Simms top 40 quarterback countdown, with the No. 34 spot. During Thursday’s PFT Live, we looked at Taylor’s five best plays, plays that demonstrate the high end of his skills.

He’ll need to do that more often in order to hold off Herbert. Helping Taylor will be a supporting cast better than any he has had during stops in Buffalo and Cleveland.

Either way, this could be Taylor’s last chance to re-establish himself as a full-time starter. If he does, he could have plenty of quality years left. Still only 30 and playing a position that has seen multiple quarterbacks in recent years play beyond turning 40, Taylor has an opportunity that, as of a year ago, few believed he’d ever again get.

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12 responses to “The Chris Simms top 40 QBs countdown, No. 34: Tyrod Taylor

  1. I agree with Simms, Tyrod Taylor is #34 as expected, a good back-up quarterback. He can mentor Herbert and still be in this league getting paid backup money. Sorry to say, starter he is not.

  2. Chris Simms would have never made a top-40 list at QB for any year he was in the league

  3. Tyrod is everything you want in a backup, 34 is the right spot for him

  4. I think this just might guarantee Baker Mayfield is in the TOP 33. Wahoo!!!

  5. SWFLPC.INC says:
    May 28, 2020 at 2:13 pm
    Chris Simms would have never made a top-40 list at QB for any year he was in the league



  6. He’s far from great but he’s better than Trash Allen, that’s for sure.

  7. More so than any other position on the field, the QB is reliant on the quality of players around him, the coaching staff and team stability. Taylor is a runner who wants to be QB. I think his 3 years in Buffalo were productive as a started in not ideal conditions. He didn’t make a lot of errors. Could Andy Reid have gotten to the Super Bowl with Taylor as QB? Quite possibly as KC is very talented.

  8. At this point it seems that he is going to be one of those borderline QBs like Josh McCowan or Fitzpatrick, mainly a backup, sometimes a starter for a season or two while a team searches for a franchise QB.Good guy, good citizen, good teammate but not good enough to be a long time starter.

  9. Chris Simms would have never made a top-40 list at QB for any year he was in the league
    Neither would Florio, or you for that matter. Who cares?

  10. As a Bills fan, nothing was more frustrating than watching Taylor hold onto the ball with open receivers downfield. I don’t know if it was lack of confidence or what. When he let it fly, he was accurate, but he mostly just held the ball and ran for two yards.

    A fan of the man, but not the player.

  11. Tyrod is the quintessential game manager. Smart enough to avoid the big hit when he ran, and rarely attempted a risky pass. He isn’t a “put the team on my back” kind of QB who could engineer a 4th quarter comeback. And far too often when there was a replay of one of his scrambles you would see at least one receiver Tyrod didn’t, or perhaps couldn’t, see. That said, he is indeed a good man and a good teammate who will be able to offer valuable insight to Herbert…provided Herbert, unlike Baker Manziel, wants to listen.

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