NFL officially extends Madden deal with EA Sports

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As expected, EA Sports will continue to dominate the NFL video-game space.

The NFL has announced the extension of the longstanding deal with EA Sports during Thursday’s virtual ownership meeting. Albert Breer of reports that it runs through 2025, with an opportunity to be extended by another year, if certain revenue markers are met. Via Darren Rovell of, the deal is worth at least $1 billion to the NFL and $500 million to the players.

Thus, EA Sports will continue to have exclusive rights to produce NFL-licensed video games. Earlier this year, the league struck a deal with 2K for the development of non-simulation games.

In order to end competition from the popular (and cheaper) 2K game, EA Sports purchased exclusivity 15 years ago. That exclusivity will continue for at least six more seasons.

Plenty of gamers pining for an alternative to Madden won’t like it, but that’s just the way it is. NFL chief media and business officer Brian Rolapp explained during a post-meeting conference call with reporters that the process was opened up to multiple companies, given the changes that have been made in how games are distributed and played since the last time the deal was done.

“EA made the most compelling case,” Rolapp said, “and beat out the competition pretty soundly.”

Rolapp said that “all models” were considered, including granting licenses to multiple companies, but that EA Sports had a strong “plan of innovation for the next handful of years,” and that EA Sports was strongly pushing exclusivity as part of the continued arrangement.

11 responses to “NFL officially extends Madden deal with EA Sports

  1. Looks like my boycott will continue for another 5-6 yrs then. This product gets crapper every year from what I read about it. Mugs still but it, that’s the problem.

  2. “EA Sports had a strong “plan of innovation for the next handful of years””

    Hahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaahahahahahaha. Sixteen years later and ESPN2K5 remains a better football game than anything EA has ever put out, or ever will.

  3. So basically we’re stuck with a crappy franchise mode and a money grab with MUT.

  4. “EA made the most compelling ca$e,” Rolapp said, “and beat out the competition pretty $oundly.”

  5. NFL is missing the target SO bad on this one. Yes, EA can give you more money up front at the time of signing, but the actual product that customers are getting that represents the NFL is getting worse and worse every year.

    Gaming is gaining popularity more and more with the younger generation coming into prominence.

    2K has proven to make a better, more accurate product. The NFL is being short sighted with this move. NFL fans cannot wait until their is the chance for competition to keep EA honest and force them to put out an actually good game that isn’t broken. The Madden bowl winner this year didn’t throw the ball ONCE. he had O-linemen as receivers. If this doesn’t show how bad Madden has become, I don’t know what will.

  6. I don’t game myself but someone else alluded to it above, if you’re the only game in town, there’s not much incentive to get better.

  7. Further proof that we can always count on the NFL to do the right thing. Unless they have ANY other option, I mean.

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