Aldon Smith: I lost my way, football gives me a purpose

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Cowboys defensive end Aldon Smith says he’s eager to show he still has something to contribute as an NFL player.

Smith, whose repeated violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy have kept him off the field since 2015, says he’s ready to get back to doing what he was meant to do.

I lost my way along the way. I wasn’t sure what my purpose was. I know football is one of my many purposes that God has put me here,” Smith said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “With God giving me this gift, this talent . . . it was something I didn’t finish.”

Smith said he’s in great shape, weighing about 285 pounds, and physically prepared to come back from a long layoff. If that’s true, the Cowboys have just added an All-Pro-caliber pass rusher to their roster.

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  1. I hope he is successful and that he still has the talent but boy this sounds just like Josh Gorden 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 !!!

  2. I wish him the best. Truly. However, if past history is any indication, he won’t last the season. I hope I’m wrong about that. Guess we’ll see…

  3. Hopefully he is on the right path. I wish him well (even though I’m an Eagles fan)

  4. We have all made mistakes, if we learn and grow from them it makes us better people. I wish him every success. Maybe someone else will see his success and will be inspired to better themselves.

  5. I’m not a Cowboys fan. But honestly, I want Jerry to get a title before he passes. I think he has really brought the NFL to new heights during his ownership. I don’t want them to have a dynasty or predict they will by any means, but I do hope he gets one more.

    As for Aldon Smith I hope he can turn it around and be productive. He used to be a genuine problem for offenses to guard. Then he made a bunch of terrible choices.

  6. Jerry Jones has already won his titles. As an Eagles fan, I hope Aldon does stays on the right path. Perhaps being out of the Bay Area will help, although many a Cowboys player has found trouble in Metroplex during the past few years.

  7. Good for him. I fully believe he has changed his ways. In America we give each other the benefit of the doubt and I would be a unpatriotic hypocrite to doubt him or wish ill on him.

  8. Good luck Alden

    Good luck Cowboys, he hasn’t played a snap in four years?

  9. Man if this guy could find his form again then he will be a HUGE asset for the Cowboys and will terrorize a lot of q.b’s.

  10. I dont know about him. He hasnt played since 2015 but was in trouble as recent as 6/2019. Doesnt seen like he learned his lesson at all. I hope it works out for him tho. I’m sure he does need football.

  11. There was a time this dude was a beast. I hope he balls out and earns his mail. I know what addiction can do. Been there, done that, don’t ever want to go back. Stay blessed everyone

  12. Good luck. But if this doesn’t work out you can try out for the pro Hide and Seek league.

  13. Wish you the best, but you should pay the Radiers back. They took a big chance on you and you let the team down.

  14. freakylj8 says:
    May 29, 2020 at 5:12 pm
    If football is this guys “purpose” then he has already lost.

    Did you even read the article? “One of my many purposes”. Maybe you can’t read?

  15. He has mostly played stand up backer in a 3-4 defense. Can he transition to a 4-3 that the Cowboys play?

  16. Ponto60 says:
    May 29, 2020 at 5:28 pm
    Whatever, heard that before too many times.


    Well at least he landed back in the NFL with the right team the Cowboys.

  17. Yep, everybody in the NFL gets a second, third, even a fourth chance. Well, almost everybody. Kaepernick is still looking for a job. Someone with half a brain (i.e. most NFL owners) would put in the Ravens offense and hire Kap to run it. Fat chance.

  18. Had they not jerked him around about reinstatement after his last suspension he would have played the past 3 seasons for the Raiders and most likely not had any problems.

    He unraveled after the NFL reinstated several others and passed him over and ignored him a whole NFL season as if he didn’t matter.

  19. Imagine all of the high school students who are stuck at home that are in the same situation. Without the disciple and accountability that comes with being part of a team, many are losing their way as well. We need to go back soon!

  20. It’s not just addiction that has caused him problems. He was also arrested for telling TSA at LAX that he was carrying a bomb. That’s a serious charge that he somehow got out of with no punishment whatsoever. Then there’s the gun charges. He also violated a protective order and was arrested again. This guy just feels like he can do whatever he wants. He’s had so many chances it’s hard to believe he will last the season unless he is truly changed. I guess we’ll find out.

    I firmly believe this is his very last chance in the NFL. If he messes this up I can’t imagine anyone will touch him. That’s even if he can be as good as he was. I’m not rooting against the guy but it’s hard to imagine he can stay off the suspended list given his history.

  21. He has been away for a long time, I don’t think he will have any problems. He surrounded himself with a lot of good people.. been apart ofJay Glazers gym working out with vets and people that help hold him up. I think he will be fine. I don’t think he will be the same caliber as he was before, but I don’t think he has those demons anymore

  22. I get the whole “second chance” thing, but this guy is on a whole different level. Once you threaten kids and rack up the domestic violence charges and leave severe bite marks on a female’s wrists(yes,plural), I’m not so sure you deserve another chance. Dude is 6’4, 285 lbs and was gnawing on his fiance’s wrists like a rat chewing through a wall. Straight up dirtbag. And he says football gives him a purpose. I guess he’ll be right back to committing more felonies once his career is over.

  23. He lost his way but football gives him a purpose? What? How many times has he lost his way while playing football? Where was the purpose then?

  24. When this dude was a Raider all I read was, “kick him out of football forever” “he’s already had enough chances” he’ll never change, ban him!”. Now hes a Cowboy and it’s nothing but well wishes and prayers. Go figure…

  25. Wasted talent………..

    Guy averaged 1 sack a game on was equal with Von Miller early in his career.

    Completely blew it………….

  26. J Muzz says:
    May 30, 2020 at 1:03 am
    Wasted talent………..

    Guy averaged 1 sack a game on was equal with Von Miller early in his career.

    Completely blew it…
    Yea, until he no longer had justin smith lined up next to him taking all those double teams and freeing up aldon for a one on one matchup. I’m sure my numbers are off, but I remember the year aldon was closing in on the single season sack record and was within about 5 or 6 sacks of breaking the record with about 4 or 5 games left and then justin smith got hurt and aldon smith went the rest of the season without a sack, or maybe had 1 or 2 more. Either way, aldons production heavily declined without that grown man justin smith lined up next to him. His numbers were never the same.

  27. Best of luck to this man. Addiction sucks, money along with addiction is an even more dangerous thing.

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