Deshaun Watson upbeat about his contract outlook

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The Texans exercised the fifth-year option on Deshaun Watson‘s contract for 2021. It will pay him $17.3 million.

Both he and the Texans want a long-term deal for the quarterback.

The Texans have had preliminary conversations about a new deal with Watson’s agent, David Mulugheta. It is early in the process, but the Texans likely would rather get a deal done sooner than later with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also in line for an extension.

The Cowboys have until July 15 to get a long-term deal completed with Dak Prescott, which would factor into the Mahomes and Watson negotiations if it happens. Both Mahomes and Watson are expected to get contracts that top $40 million annually.

Watson appeared on a video call with beat reporters Friday, the first time he has talked to them since the divisional playoff loss to the Chiefs.

The Pro Bowl quarterback was upbeat about his contract outlook, especially after the Texans made Pro Bowl left tackle Laremy Tunsil the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

It’s definitely good,” Watson said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “It’s exciting for all of us. Only time will tell, but we’re going to do everything we can to make sure it’s on the right track. We’re going to win a lot of games and championships while we continue to figure out that side of the business, too.”

Watson is training in Houston alongside Tunsil, waiting for the NFL to give approval to return to team facilities. He also is patiently waiting for that new deal.

“That’s definitely something that is not under the rug,” Watson said, via Mark Berman of FOX 26. “My main focus is just being the best teammate, best leader, best quarterback I can be and whenever that time comes with my agent and the organization, the timing is going to be right. For me right now, the focus is on being the best teammate, getting the new guys on the same page with me as the quarterback of this offense and making sure I’m staying healthy and ready to go whenever they call me, call us in to go play.”

17 responses to “Deshaun Watson upbeat about his contract outlook

  1. I’d wait to extend him a contract until after this this season now that DeAndre Hopkins is gone. He miraculously pulled down some long poorly thrown balls that propped up Watson’s stats.

  2. They are all grossly overpaid…$40m/year…but if that is what the market will pay then go get it!

  3. dino2997 says:
    May 29, 2020 at 8:17 pm
    I’d wait to extend him a contract until after this this season now that DeAndre Hopkins is gone. He miraculously pulled down some long poorly thrown balls that propped up Watson’s stats.

    I’m sure the “general manager” Bill O’Brien will not wait until after the season to sign Watson. After all, who else is left to save his job?

  4. Of course, if Watson asks for too much he’ll get traded to JVille for Minshew and a mustache brush. After all, Texans no longer have the receiving corps to justify a top flight QB. And maybe they could snooker the Jags our of a 3rd round pick next year, too. Draft a backup linebacker that Detroit swears they’ll take of their hands at a good price.

  5. Drop back….stand around a while…throw to a broken coverage receiver. That’s 40 million?

  6. to “stexan” : do you just regurgitate silly information or did you make that up on your own?

    name a team in the last 10 years that won in a Super Bowl with a top 5 paid WR? you can’t. the way the NFL rules are and with a salary cap, it’s effectively proven that the limited cap dollars are better spent elsewhere (top 5 QB, LT, DE/OLB, CB, etc) than WR given that the average 53 man roster is made up of about 12 players (WR, TE, RB) with a top 2 job responsibility of catching the ball.

    Add in the fact that the Texans have had Hopkins for 5-6 years and where exactly has that gotten them? Hopkins might be the best WR n the game (certainly in discussion) which comes in handy when playing the bottom 20 teams but against the top 10 teams, in the playoffs against the best teams, they take away your best weapon.

    You’re right, the Texans now don’t have a WR as good as Hopkins now, but they’re WR group is now deeper and more diverse. Which is better? Teams that can present many options seem to do better than teams that present one, no matter how great it is.

    And for the record…O’Brien, stole, and I mean stole, Tunsil from the Dolphins.

    As for Watson. Great QB but did the KC playoff game show his true colors. When his team was up big early he’s playing air guitar on the sideline (still 45 minutes left in the game!!!) and is moping on bench when the Texans are losing. Mahomes was rallying his team when he was behind and when the Chiefs got the lead, he didn’t celebrate until the game was over. One’s proven to be a potential all-time great…one needs to grow up or he’ll just be another very good but not great.

  7. I’m not a Texans fan, but if I were, I think I’d lose my mind. Watson is a good QB, but BOB traded away Hopkins, and you still have no running game (Johnson & Johnson?). The defense is good, but it honestly feels like there’s no hope for the coming season. As a Falcons fan, I can relate.

  8. Don’t see him winning a superbowl. Just get the feeling he ends up like McNabb, Rivers, Matt Ryan – almost great quarterbacks who can put up stats and stay competitive but can’t carry a middle of the road organization to a championship.

  9. When you say you “stole” something then later agree to pay $20 mil a year to keep it, I’d say you don’t know what you’re talking about. And Tunsil is borderline Pro Bowl level; no way All Pro. Several years ago they had a true All Pro – Duane Brown – and refused to pay him to stay.
    Oh – and all that new talent – lots of injury problems in their history. Or lost a step just due to wear and tear and old age. Not to mention super expensive for a RB who had 1 good year.
    O’Brien inherited a team with a 1st class O line and proceeded to let it leave rather than pay the men. He’s made mistake after mistake trying to replace them. He has consistently shown he doesn’t know how to evaluate or develop the line. This version is much higher priced, and does seem to have a bit more talent. But I have no confidence in the guy being able to turn them into a q

  10. Cant stay competitive with ONE barley above average guy making over $40 mil per. This is out of hand period. Going to have to cap the position, this next guy up thing is ridiculous. So in 5 years your going to have another Average qb making $55 million per? Owners going to have to draw the line in the sand. Foles can win a qb then any one can. You dont need to over pay qbs just to ruin your franchise and chances of being competitive.

  11. There is really no reason to talk about players money/contracts in sports anymore. Soon it will be $100 million per year. The ticket prices are absurd. The games are inconsistent with officiating, They are just entertaining us, not doing brain surgery to save a life. We are the fools, not the teams for paying them, it’s our (the fans) money ultimately. So why keep complaining?

  12. Overrated injury prone QB. This guy gets so much hype. He has alot of mechanical issues and inaccuracy but has had players who can bail him out. Getting rid of one of the best wr in the game won’t help and replacing hopkins with an injury prone reciever won’t help either esp with fuller and Keke always hurt

  13. I know he likes to run but isnt as talented a runner as Jackson and needs to stay in the pocket or scramble just to throw downfield.

  14. R D says:
    May 29, 2020 at 11:50 pm
    “And for the record…O’Brien, stole, and I mean stole, Tunsil from the Dolphins.”


    Whew. Let me catch my breath.

    Please please please come steal another guy from us. I mean it, Please.

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