Kirk Cousins: “My heart breaks for our city”

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Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has issued a statement regarding the recent unrest in Minneapolis.

My heart breaks for our city, but especially for my African American brothers and sisters, who I know feel this on a level I can’t possibly understand,” Cousins said on social media. “Please know I am with you. WE must do better. WE must be better. May God pour out His mercy and grace such that we are better.”

Cousins is one of many NFL players who have spoken out in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. As the calls for change mount, hopefully the change will come — and hopefully it will happen through peaceful means and proper channels.

Unfortunately, years of the same kind of conduct with no changes or progress made has fueled the frustrations that currently are bubbling up in multiple American cities.


30 responses to “Kirk Cousins: “My heart breaks for our city”

  1. Good for Cousins. Those are the right words to say, and I believe he’s speaking from the heart.

  2. None of this is peaceful. None of this is about justice. It’s all about destruction. None of this is making the cause any better

  3. Mr. Floyd’s death should break everyone’s hearts – but what’s happened in Minneapolis since then has been self-inflicted.

  4. It’s all tragic, from Floyd’s death to the rioting. Peaceful/mature protest is one thing. Rioting/looting is another.

  5. I know as a white man this doesn’t effect us the way it does black people but I do think myself and most of the white people I speak with are genuinely fed up with this racist, evil system of police killing black men. There are no easy answers but at least acknowledging this kind of evil for what it is is a step in the right direction.

  6. Casca’s friend says:
    May 29, 2020 at 8:42 pm

    Not all police officers are bad./////

    Yes but too many are today and other cops that look the other way are not helping their cause at best and possibly acting criminal themselves by condoning it through no action.

  7. I think these feelings have always been in America, you know, forms of racism. I thought these feelings were mostly gone, you know, but maybe they were just suppressed. I also think the current administration has emboldened people to be free to express their ideals in ways this country has not seen in decades.

  8. Yeah we’ll take some of that cake you’ve been stealing and donate it to local businesses so they can rebuild. Put your money where your mouth is.

  9. Minneapolis police department has been corrupt for years but the politicians just sat back and and closed their eyes. Maybe its time for the people of Minneapolis to vote in new leadership and take back control of their city. The mayor was handing out masks to rioters during the looting, that pretty much says it all.

  10. sirspoogealot says:
    May 30, 2020 at 12:13 am
    None of this is peaceful. None of this is about justice. It’s all about destruction. None of this is making the cause any better.

    Just curious…what’s been your contribution to the cause? When it was peaceful with Kap, where did you line up?

  11. This is hard to watch, not only in Minneapolis but across the country. So much suffering going on now with COVID and now this. Put all 4 cops in prison general population for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

  12. 400 years later and this narrative is unchanged. You are either a racist or you are anti-racist. Make a choice and then take action so the world can see where your heart is.

  13. It’s so tragic to watch literal dumpster fires breaking out all over this world class city. I can’t stop crying at over the lack of basic humanity.

  14. Protesters are different from looters. I understand the anger from both.

  15. Re: Protesters are different from looters. I understand both.
    Good that you understand protests. But what is it that you understand about looting and destruction of innocent peoples places of business, who had nothing to do with what happened…

  16. I am disgusted by the events leading to Mr. Floyd’s death. My eyes have been opened about what has been happening in major cities. It appears many demonstrations and protests by black americans have been bastardized by antifa leading to vandalism, looting and destruction. Unfortunately, most of the bad that is happening now will be shouldered by the black communities, not by the little rich white kids playing revolutionary by inciting violence as part of antifa.

  17. Yeah, I’m sure Cousins is crying himself to sleep on his pillow stuffed with hundred dollar bills.

    Kirk Cousins always knows what to SAY. But he’s a total fraud. Everything with him is a calculated move based on what benefits his wallet… you know, just like Jesus would do!

    He’s already been exposed as a sub-average QB in the NFL. That much is crystal clear now. Sooner or later, he will be exposed as a sub-average human being.

  18. MN will bounce back stronger than ever. Once the military occupation is no longer needed, the good people of MN can begin rebuilding and figuring out how to blame this entire mess on the refs.

  19. I figured someone in the comment section would hate on Kirk for this response. Sub-average human being? Your opinion says more about you (garrisjs) than it does about Kirk.

    The harshest penalties should be given out to police officers that are prejudicial on the job. All 4 police officers should be in prison for a long time IMO. It is their job to do prevent crime/carry out the law and 3 of them just stood around. Just disgusting. Sad that the action of 4 men can cause the nationwide response that it has. Nobody takes the high road anymore, and the government and media turn tragedy into hate and political gain. There should be justice, but rioting, looting, and burning down businesses does nothing to help anyone’s cause.

  20. Meanwhile Aaron Rodgers is complain about how he feels he is under arrest having to stay at home

  21. nunya says:
    May 30, 2020 at 1:24 am
    Mr. Floyd’s death should break everyone’s hearts – but what’s happened in Minneapolis since then has been self-inflicted.
    Incorrect. Please read up on your facts. The Minnesota Governor reported that of all the people they arrested rioting and looting at that first protest, they were all from out of state. These were people who placed themselves in a peaceful protest in order to cause disruption and violence and to loot.

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