Jack Del Rio: Sky’s the limit on what Chase Young can do in Washington

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Washington defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio says rookie pass rusher Chase Young has infinite potential.

Young, the second overall pick who was viewed by many as the most talented football player in this year’s draft, has Del Rio licking his chops about how his defense can get after the quarterback.

“I think the sky’s the limit for him in terms of what he will be able to bring us,” Del Rio said, via the Washington Post.

Young, of course, has not set foot in the team facility, but Del Rio doesn’t need to see Young on the practice field to know what he can do.

“We haven’t seen him yet [on the field], but I’ve watched enough tape,” Del Rio said. “He’s going to be a really good player for us.”

Del Rio lauded Young for the work he has done so far in team Zoom meetings. But when it comes to what Young is capable of doing, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

21 responses to “Jack Del Rio: Sky’s the limit on what Chase Young can do in Washington

  1. And the haters and nay sayers will be chiming in in 4 3 2 1…..

  2. To actually have a legitimate DC in Washington for the first time since Richie Pettibon is encouraging.

    Watching this team turn defensive linemen like Ryan Kerrigan, Montez Sweat, Preston Smith into outside linebackers was infuriating!

    I don’t know how good Chase Young is, but simply by virtue of competent coaching, he has a chance!

  3. The sky is the limit for Young – he will likely be a stud on the D-line. But unfortunately for the Skins, the NFC Eat basement is their limit.

    4-12 in 2020. Welcome to DC, Rivera and Del Rio, where Redskin mediocrity is as prevalent as corrupt politicians.

  4. No concerns about Chase Young. My only question is whether the Redskins will have leads late in games so that Young can close the deal. If the Redskins are winning, and the other team has to throw, Young will be a menace. Although I hate to see a great career wasted in Washington under Dan Snyder.

  5. I expect Chase Young will be amazing in 2020….if the offense improves like Turner thinks it will then Washington could surprise

  6. People forgot that Montez Sweat ran a 4.41 40 at 265 pounds at his combine and really came on at the end of the year. Young and Sweat bookending Jonathan Allen, Payne/Ioannidis make this one of the best defensive lines in many years. Chase is the one piece that can make this line historically great. He is truly a generational talent.

  7. @ jurgyisgod,

    “Chase is the one piece that can make this line historically great. He is truly a generational talent”.

    Pump the brakes a bit, bro. Allow young to step on the field and face O-lineman at the pro level before crowning him as the next generational talent. DE’s generally take a couple of years before they really start to dominate at the pro level.

    Young was great in college, but he won’t be the savior of the Skins. All 3 of the other NFC East teams also improved (especially Dallas), so a very likely 4-12 record for DC in 2020 will still be an improvement over last season.

  8. Well that’s cool and all but can he play the run and sack the qb. If he can do those two things I think redskins will be better. Oh yeah and forgot to mention stay healthy too. So I guess three things.

  9. Jsrdc: You couldn’t be more wrong. Behind that defensive line, the Skins have a returning Reuben Foster, a linebacker in Pierre Louis who had the highest Pro Football Focus rating last year for all linebackers with 200 plus snaps, and all pro safety Collins. No one is going to score on this D, at least not much. 12-4 is a more likely record for the Skins.

  10. electricboogalo says:
    May 30, 2020 at 1:10 pm

    The last 30+ years of history in Washington says otherwise.


    I get your point.. Long suffering skins fan, but they won their last Super Bowl 27 years ago. And the 10 years before that were pretty awesome. Only team every to lead the league in offense, defense, special teams for the season (’82). Maybe in 4 years you can say 30+ years but I hope not.

  11. Looks like everyone forgets that clowney was the next generational pass rusher. You would think by now people might wait for a few games before crowning him.

  12. Hope you’re right, but time will tell. Young didn’t exactly destroy us, although the Bucks team did…again. And Young had a couple other not so hot games as well, so we’ll see how he does against NFL competition. I hope he becomes as good as Kerrigan. I’d take that any day. Now about that Offense…. If the Skins don’t improve much it will be because of that side of the ball, not the D….

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