Jared Goff: There needs to be change, and it can only happen together

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Jared Goff has added his name to the growing list of quarterbacks, many of whom are white, who are speaking out after the death of George Floyd and the protests that have followed.

The Rams quarterback calls for change, saying “it can only happen together.”

“My heart hurts for our country,” Goff wrote on Instagram on Saturday night. “There needs to be change and it can only happen together. I’ll never pretend to understand the struggles that the Black community goes through daily in our country and never will know this struggle. It is my responsibility to educate myself and actively participate in advocating for the change our country desperately needs in words and action. Love each other a little more than usual, come together, and continue to push for positive change in our community.”

Andy Dalton, Carson Wentz, Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr are other high-profile quarterbacks who have written statements this week, seeking justice, fairness and equity for all.

3 responses to “Jared Goff: There needs to be change, and it can only happen together

  1. there needs to be change in the way the rams hand out their millions in players contracts…that GM is not on point…just sayin’

  2. There needs to be change in what we call these “protests”. Riots is a good start.

  3. The sad truth is, there are people that will never allow that change to happen. Racism should be gone by now, but there are people that profit from racism. They will never allow it to end.

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