Seven classic Super Bowls coming to NBCSN, NBC this week

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As we wait for live sports to return, why not enjoy some of the best live sports from days gone by?

You’ll get to do that this week on NBCSN and NBC, with seven classic Super Bowls re-aired from Monday through Sunday. All were originally televised by NBC.

It starts Monday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBCSN, with Super Bowl XIII between the Steelers and Cowboys. It was the best, by far, of the first 13 Super Bowl games. Featuring one of the most memorable drops in NFL history.

Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBCSN, one of the best NFL games ever returns to the television: Super Bowl XLIX, between the Patriots and Seahawks. Featuring one of the most memorable play calls in NFL history.

Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. ET on NBCSN, another great Super Bowl can be watched again: No. 43, between the Steelers and Cardinals. Featuring more than a few all-time great moments.

On Thursday at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBCSN, it’s Super Bowl XXXII. The Packers and the Broncos and a certain helicopter impression that happened as Green Bay tried to bookend wins in Super Bowl I and II with a matching set 30 years later.

Friday night’s NBCSN game at 8:00 p.m. ET has the 49ers and Bengals meeting in Super Bowl XXIII. It’s a game that was decided in the final seconds, and if you look closely maybe you’ll see John Candy.

Super Bowl week ends on Sunday, with Super Bowl XX a/k/a the crown-their-ass moment for the ’85 Bears on NBC at 3:00 p.m. ET and Super Bowl III a/k/a the Joe Namath gets it right when he predicts that the Colts will be strug-uh-ling on NBCSN at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Throughout each broadcast, Liam McHugh will speak with key figures from each game — from Lynn Swann to Malcolm Butler to Santonio Holmes to Terrell Davis to Jerry Rice to Mike Singletary and Dan Hampton to Namath.

24 responses to “Seven classic Super Bowls coming to NBCSN, NBC this week

  1. I was at that Bears game. Total domination the likes of which the league hasn’t seen since. As Pete Axthelm said at the time “It’s the men against the boys out there”.

  2. As a lowly Bucs fan, my favorite of course is the throttling of the Raiders. But – the most “tense” game over ever seen is Packers/Broncos. Favre and Elway. AFC hadn’t won a Super Bowl in like 20yrs at that time, the Broncos were like the Bills in that they’ve been to a lot of super bowls but lost all of them. There was more on the line in that Super Bowl than any one of them that followed. Remember – pats falcons for example got good in the 4th quarter. Panthers pats got good mid 3rd quarter. I remember packers/broncos being great right from the opening kickoff

  3. how is the only overtime and greatest comeback led by the greatest player and coach/gm in league history left out for some of these relative yawners? and i watched every one of them from 1968 on.

  4. Steelers were up 35-17 in SB 13 – it may be the best of the first 13 SB overall, but not better than SB 10 “by far.”

    Also, SB 13 was Bradshaw’s first 300 yard game in what I believe was his 9th season. How’s that for some perspective?

  5. The great John Taylor in the back of the EZ with :23! Oh man and Jerry turning the Cb completely backwards with his little head flick at the tip of his drag route. Greatness! (every time i see that play, though, I’m like tuck that football away Jerry!) Also Brent Jones told me he had lined up in practice every time in that spot (the JT game winner play), but didn’t get the personell relay on the sideline. Jones had a great career regardless, but man missed a chance to get the walkoff catch in the SB.

  6. Where’s 44 with “Ambush”?!!! Gutsiest call in a SB ever from a dominant franchise! Saints get robbed again.

  7. Roger Craig high stepping thru 3 layers of defense…. i can keep going. Glad the raiders bailed out of town right before i got into football….so i got to enjoy those moments…..and didnt have to live my life sipping niner haterade like some out there.

  8. Why the hell replay Chicago- NE ?!?! .. it was nooo contest… PLENTY of other games worth replaying for sure .

  9. Always fun to watch the one year dynasty choke.. never gonna gorget the look on Shermans face when Wilson got picked…. sweet memories

  10. If you were gonna feature one Patriots Superbowl I would’ve picked the Pats-Atlanta Superbowl over the Pats-Seattle game. Both great games in their own right but watching NE come back from a 28-3 deficit was absolutely stunning.

  11. I’m tired of hearing that SB3 was the greatest upset of all time. In retrospect, the Jets were easily as good as the Colts (as were the Raiders and Chiefs). Actually, all three AFL teams were probably better than any NFL team that year or the next.

  12. Imagine… If they put in Superbowl 48 as one of the seven classics… that would be crazy…

  13. The Jets / Colts game was fixed. Just ask Bubba Smith. He detailed it on Brandon Steiner’s site.

  14. I dont believe SB III was fixed … no team would want the embarrassment of a defeat like that … the Colts really had a letdown after winning ten straight games. They made way too many mistakes and were shutout until the final three minutes of the game …

    If any young fans have not seen this game, I urge you to watch it … Joe Namath was a rock star for his time like Rodgers or Mahomes today. Watch his arm and backpedal, he could drop back and throw faster than QBs today. Back then, only Daryle Lamonica, Roman Gabriel, Craig Morton and Sonny Jurgenson had the arm strength of Broadway Joe.

  15. Though I think Montana is the best QB of alltime, he may also be the luckiest … he had many passes that should have been intercepted but defenders would just drop them, like Billups for the Bengals in that 88/89 SB … if he catches that pass, the game is over …

  16. Best SB’s I’ve watched and keep in mind i’m a niner fan

    1)niners bengals 88 season
    2)broncos end something like 15 years of nfc dominance vs pack (john elway windmill)
    3)eagles patriots philly special
    4)giants spoil perfect season plaxico/tyree/manning final drive
    5)patriots seahawks….one of most surprising finishes

    Steelers/cards would be there if J Harrison’s 100 yd pick six didn’t have two really obvious blocks in the back

    Pats Rams 1 would be there if they hadnt erroneously won the tuck rule, and likely spied on the rams’ practices

  17. Super Bowl XX? I was there. It was not one of the best Super Bowls.

    The Patriots vs Panthers Super Bowl is very underrated. It was one of the best up to that point.

  18. Super Bowls from 5 years ago aren’t classic. Show us some games from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. So tired of seeing a patriot game from 2 years ago. So glad that team is finally on the toilet.

  19. sojournofred says:
    May 30, 2020 at 10:44 am
    Steelers were up 35-17 in SB 13 – it may be the best of the first 13 SB overall, but not better than SB 10 “by far.


    I can understand why some people cite the 35-17 score margin , but that has to be put in proper context. That game was far from a beatdown.The score was 21-17 with just under 7 minutes to play and the Steelers hadn’t scored in the 2nd half.

    A controversial PI on Dallas led to a Steeler TD and a fumble on the ensuing kickoff resulted in another. Pittsburgh scored 14 pts in less than 30 seconds for the 18 point margin and still only won by 4 points.

    Those were two evenly matched teams and that was the highest point total in SB for over a decade. Good point about SB 10, which ironically featured then same two teams. That game wasn’t decided until the very last play of the game but is underrated in terms of memorable Super Bowls.

  20. How about those NBC Super bowl SuperBOWL V,VII,IX,XI,XV,XVII,XXVII,XXVIII,and XXX

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