Chandler Jones graduates from Syracuse

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Cardinals defensive end Chandler Jones has made more than $60 million in his NFL career, he’s earned a Super Bowl ring and been to three Pro Bowls, but this offseason he put in the work to add one more item to his resume: College graduate.

Jones, who left Syracuse before graduating to enter the 2012 NFL draft, decided to finish his remaining graduation requirements this year.

“To my family and personally, education is very important,” Jones told ESPN. “Even though I haven’t used my degree, as of yet, I’m pretty sure it would definitely come in handy when I’m done playing football. But that’s the reason why I went back after eight, nine years of being out of college. I think that’s very important. My kids could look back and say ‘My dad graduated.’ So, I’m happy. It’s a huge accomplishment for our family. And it hangs right up there with that Super Bowl ring.”

Jones’ academic advisor, Salatha Willis, said Jones never asked for any kind of special accommodations and did the same work that any student taking an online class would do.

“He was a really good student,” Willis said. “Everybody always spoke highly of him. Even the academic coordinators in the past that were in my position spoke highly of him. I asked him if he needed any support from our office in terms of tutoring or anything, because you never know what you may need coming back to school, and he’s like, ‘No, I’m fine. I’ll reach out to you if I need anything.’ And he didn’t need anything.”

The Patriots’ 2012 first-round draft pick, Jones has 96 career sacks, which is the most any player has recorded since 2012.

13 responses to “Chandler Jones graduates from Syracuse

  1. I truly admire a sports figure who goes back to school to finish his degree, it shows me he has more respect for himself than playing a game. I graduated from Syracuse in 1985 and I tip my cap to Mr Jones

  2. Congratulations to Chandler Jones. It can’t be easy to go back and finish college when you’ve been away for so long and been successful with a football career. It means a lot that he made his degree a goal, put his head down and did the work–without using his celebrity to claim any special treatment.

  3. Finishing unfinished business is the best feeling EVER!..Nice job sir.

  4. Congratulations Chandler. You’ve got real character, and we’re glad to have you in Arizona.

  5. Until Hopkins prove otherwise, Jones is the BEST player the Cards ever traded for, deserved to be Defensive MVP last season, and will easily end up a no brainer first ballot HOFer.

  6. Excellent for Mr. Jones. He may very well have just made his parents prouder than the millions he had made as an athlete.

  7. Love to see this type of stuff!! But what’s his degree in?? I didn’t see that mentioned?

  8. Depends on the degree. Some are worth getting and some aren’t. This story doesn’t specify so I’ll guess it’s not STEM. Otherwise, it would have been mentioned.

  9. He better not have used a football scholarship and depriving someone else.

  10. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    May 31, 2020 at 5:30 pm
    He better not have used a football scholarship and depriving someone else.

    How would he possibly use a scholarship when he is a professional athlete ?

  11. I admire guys like this who went to college and was milked for every ounce of his athletic ability who finally completes what college is all about – education. I wish this upstanding young man the best and let this be a model for others – you don’t go to college to play on Saturday – you go to get educated!

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