Deion Sanders pushes for an Antonio Brown comeback

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Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders has a new mission: He’s helping a receiver who once was on track to join Deion in Canton get back into the NFL.

“My son came to town to WORK!” Sanders said on social media. “On his game, on his life, on his thoughts, on his tomorrow and on Antonio Brown. . . . I can’t wait to witness this comeback story called A, B & See. I know what I know and I pray you all get to see what I know to be true about Antonio Brown.”

For starters, Deion should take this up with the guy who signs Deion’s NFL Network paychecks. Brown won’t play until Commissioner Roger Goodell lets him play. And someone in the league office has on his or her desk three incidents that are being investigated for potential discipline of Brown under the Personal Conduct Policy.

The first — allegations of sexual assault and rape contained in a civil lawsuit — has been pending since September. Then came the alleged harassment of a woman who shared details of an Antonio Brown encounter with Earlier this year, Brown was arrested and charged after an incident with the driver of a moving truck.

Until each of those investigations are resolved and discipline is imposed, Brown’s comeback can’t happen. And even if/when he gets clearance to return to the NFL, a team has to want to sign him.

It’s unclear who would be interested at this point. The Ravens, who employ Brown’s cousin Marquise, haven’t slammed the door on the possibility. The Buccaneers, who employ Brown’s friend and supporter Tom Brady, have slammed the door on it.

Regardless, none of it matters until the NFL once again opens the door to Brown. And the NFL has been dragging its feet in that regard, with the first investigation now nearly nine months old, and with no sign that a resolution is coming soon.

58 responses to “Deion Sanders pushes for an Antonio Brown comeback

  1. The true AB?? I’m pretty sure we have seen the true AB, and thats why he doesn’t have a job.

  2. Once he’s cleared, someone will give him a look. He’s still a top 5 WR, despite being a headcase.

  3. Antonio doesn’t want to play football anymore, but he still likes being in the spotlight. He quit on the last 3 teams he worked for, and those are 3 of the NFL’s best all time franchises. Two of them had HOF QB’s. The hit he absorbed from Vontaze Burfict a couple years ago might have had something to do with his unwillingness to step out on the gridiron again. Antonio’s behavior also suggests very strongly that he isn’t in the right frame of mind to be a member of a football organization. I thought he was the best WR in the game, and right up there in the conversation of the best WR of all time. It’s just that he doesn’t want to play football anymore.

  4. The bottom line is the talent worth the distraction. That is what it all comes down to.

  5. You only get 14 chances in this league. After he dissed the Saints I don’t think anyone will give him a shot. He’s done.

  6. There’s only two ways AB can make things right with the football gods – go back to Pittsburgh or Vegas where he ran himself out of town by his weird behavior and produce a gritty, Pro Bowl caliber season. Those teams probably don’t him, but that’s it.

  7. Sanders was an outstanding talent on the football field. Beyond that and including his opinions, he’s just an average Joe Schmo

  8. The sad thing with Deion is he truly believes his endorsement is helping. The other sad thing is how he does this stuff to pathetically try to keep himself relevant.

  9. rodgerstonelson says:
    May 31, 2020 at 12:18 pm
    Brown has a better chance then Kap in making a comeback.


    If true, what a sad statement that is.

  10. Dude is a virus. AB needs to flatten his curve, he’s a threat to the health of any team.

  11. Deion to the Saints.
    AB to the Bucs.
    Both get suspended and/or injured before Week One.

  12. More double standards. Any one of us do some of what AB has done we would be in prison.

  13. Brown is the one and only who has dug a deep pit for himself. His personal values and conduct must change 180 degrees for any chance to escape NFL purgatory. Brown has put himself in danger of and might have lost the rest of his NFL career, just as Daryl Washington with the Cards. By the time Washington was cleared to return, he found out his NFL skills were gone.

  14. Isn’t the league still going to disipline him for his off the field actions? Peon Deion needs the limelight now..

  15. Honestly as a Steelers fan, he looked like he lost a step back in 2018.

  16. Two has-beens trying to stay relevant. A horrific co-dependency in the making.

  17. Antonio Brown is an electric football player. The Patriots would have won the superbowl with him last year. I don’t care who he is off the field, its none of my business. If he’s not in jail he should be able to play.

  18. I assume Kaepernick will be taking a knee to obtain social justice for the women Brown (allegedly) assaulted or for the Raiders GM he assaulted….

    justice for all, right Colin?


  19. Hey Deion, can you send your daughter over to hang-out with AB at his home? I hear he is looking for a new personal trainer. Perhaps you can also recommend a moving company for him. Do you have any unwanted furniture he can toss out your window? Do you have a camera he can borrow the next time he wants to record himself hurling insults at the mother of his children, in front of them? Lastly, can he use your current sports agent?

  20. Well can Deion Sanders or someone put Antonio Brown in therapy and then consider him rehabilitated! That mode of operation has worked for many troubled personalities in sports. Good luck Deion!

  21. Deion is like the old retired insurance supervisor that shows up once a month to talk about “Old Claims”.

  22. Another article about AB, Kap and Sanders. This falls into “who cares” about any of them. All three have a history of they suck. No more chances, you ran out, done, no more!

  23. The only problem with an Antonio Brown comeback of any kind is Antonio Brown! The man show little to no concept of self control, whether physically, verbally, or on social media. Never accountable and always holding a pity party regardless of his empty apologies.

  24. Only if he stays on his meds,………..
    The man has an issue with his elevator. It doesn’t go all the way to the top.

  25. Unless Sanders is a shrink he cant help him.burned to many bridges in the NFL.He Gone.

  26. Typical Deion Sanders talk – he thinks what he is saying is relevant and astute, yet when it comes to the real issues, he lacks the ability to see things from an objective point of view due to the immensity of his ego.

    Deion couldn’t tackle on the field, and he is continuing to whiff and miss off the field. AB badly burnt his bridges, and there is still plenty of smoke remaining to know this fire still isn’t out.

    Brown doesn’t deserve the privilege to play another game in the NFL as far as l am concerned. And as far as Deion, his opinions are as old and gray as his beard. Sanders is lucky to have a job in the media, and if ratings actually counted, he would have been canned years ago

  27. The Analytical Kid says:
    May 31, 2020 at 1:04 pm
    rodgerstonelson says:
    May 31, 2020 at 12:18 pm
    Brown has a better chance then Kap in making a comeback.


    If true, what a sad statement that is.


    How so? AB is one of the most talented players available. Kaep….isn’t.

  28. with all the junk going on in this world these days we don’t need to add more of it.

  29. When he broke up with the Steelers you figured something just went wrong and he’d be fine with the Raiders. Then he never played a down for the Raiders but it appeared that maybe it’d been an elaborate setup to get himself to the Patriots and with THEM things would get back to normal. Then he played a single game there before the roof caved in again. There’s a pattern here and not one any time wants to be involved with.

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