DeSean Jackson: Players should wear microphones if stadiums are empty

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If the NFL has to play some games in empty stadiums this season, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson thinks the league should take advantage of the audio responsibilities.

Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson and Jackson had a YouTube conversation that featured Johnson suggesting “mic’ing up everybody” so that fans watching at home can get an idea of what football really sounds like. Jackson said that’s what he wants.

“Yeah, it’s gonna get crazy. I think they should, though. They should give the fans the inside to really see what goes on between the white lines,” Jackson said, via “It gets crazy, bro. I know in the trenches it gets crazy, and I know out there on the outside it gets crazy too with the conversations we going back and forth on.”

The NFL is planning to start the season on time, and with fans in stands. But if the stadiums need to be empty, the silver lining would be the opportunity for great television audio. Jackson is right that it could get crazy, in a good way.

35 responses to “DeSean Jackson: Players should wear microphones if stadiums are empty

  1. With the amount of swearing on an NFL field, this seems like an idea that would put the NFL in the red from FCC fines.

  2. Good idea, but some of the language wouldn’t be fit for TV

  3. If the games are aired on HBO maybe. The foul language won’t work on Fox, CBS, etc. This is an absolutely horrible idea.

  4. Great idea, but the NFL would most likely make you pay for HBO, because of you know…. Money

  5. At some point maybe the NFL will realize that their paying fan base are not children. Game pass and the like need to be rated TV-MA but the big three’s live broadcasts? Sure, censor the language but in 2020 we all know how these guys talk to each other… Time to take the training wheels off.

  6. I don’t want to hear players jawing at each other. Not even a little. I would rather listen to Joe Buck read a TOS agreement than that and I don’t even like Buck.

  7. I watched German football with and without the fake crowd noise and I vote for without. hearing crowd noise while looking at empty seats doesn’t work. however it would work well on radio if it was 1940

  8. The NFL does a very good job at figuring out how to keep fans riveted to their seats, and how to generate unprecedented amounts of revenue. Desean Jackson would be one of the last people I’d go to for advice, but probably one of the first guys I would mute out. Also, it wouldn’t be like capturing what really goes on. It would be a lot of guys spending time during the week rehearsing what they’re going to say, much like we’ve seen with the celebrations. I’ve been watching football on TV for over 50 years, and I can’t think of one time that I had even the least amount of interest in the fans in the stands, or any of the mic’d up stuff. I just like football. I also like it best when the players let their play do the talking, not their mouth’s. Most of the franchises have gone from $300-$400 million, to $3 to $4 billion in the last few years. I’m thinking the league already knows a thing or two about how to put on a show.

  9. Empty stadiums, mic’d up players? Just delay football until we have a vaccine.

  10. The media couldn’t handle that. Everything would be blown out of proportion.

  11. Chain Snatcher says:
    May 31, 2020 at 5:29 pm
    The media couldn’t handle that. Everything would be blown out of proportion.

    8 0 Rate This
    Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster: “Come on Ben, throw a better ball!”
    Big Ben: “It was a good throw. but I’ll do better next time”
    Media: Possible rift between Schuster and Big Ben, is a trade coming?

  12. Why would the stadiums be empty? I’ve been watching the news the last few days and it appears we don’t need to social distance anymore. Or do only left wing rioters get a pass?

  13. He should be more focused on the city of Philadelphia burning to the ground literally and figuratively vs microphones for a meaningless game. Make comments on that and try and help the city heal and calm down.

  14. Only mic up the “impact” players, the head coaches and the head ref.

  15. I can just see the opening credits to a game starting with,…..
    “R-16. Parental Guidance Advised”.

    Thanks,… but no thanks. I mean it would be very interesting for some,… I’m included.
    But it doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell.

  16. I mean as cool as that idea sounds you guaranteed would have to have every game be time delayed so that the production crews would have enough time to censor swearing.

  17. Good commentary complimented with players being mic’d up would be great. An individual players X’s & O’s/P’s & Q’s would never hurt a broadcast when given in the proper context by the on air crew. Romo has opened the door a bit, why not open it a little further!

  18. “Thank you for watching NFL Sunday ticket. Viewer discretion is advised.”

  19. Yea. This would be a great idea. especially when they would have to bleeep every other word out. REALLY?

  20. I am interested in potentially hearing from a few key players, like the quarterbacks and coaches, and then just carrying non-voice sounds of the game. The filter for removing voices from an audiotrack is quite simple and I expect it is how the NFl today allows us to hear hits and crunches without voices and swearing. The advantage of having no fans is that a lot more of the sound of the game can potentially come through this way. While the reality of the game is quite rough, I do think we need it to come through the TV relatively cleanly as there are many families and kids watching. It would be interesting, and potentially a revenue source for the NFL, to have an HBO version of the games which was more raw.

  21. Ugh wouldn’t that allow other teams watching tape later the opportunity to know what your players and cadences are lol?

  22. dlw492 says:
    Great idea, but the NFL would most likely make you pay for HBO, because of you know…. Money

    If the NFL sold its broadcast rights to HBO as opposed to the usual networks then HBO would make you pay for it, not the NFL.
    HBO would do that because, you know, it’s a business, and businesses exist to make — wait for it — money.

  23. No reason to mic up lazy, part time, over paid fools like Jackson. The fewer we hear from the better. We should just have a cricket chirping sound track played as background music.

  24. If you take your children to games, you know they hear language in the stands that’s just as bad as what they’ll hear on the field.

  25. Personally, I would enjoy this. But as we’ve seen from Hard Knocks, the general public really cannot handle what happens on the football field. It seems like, every year, someone says something on Hard Knocks where folks get all up in arms when in fact, it’s just the normal everyday culture of professional football.

    As others have mentioned, people will get all sensitive over the amount of swearing that happens.

  26. Yes it would be cool but won’t happen. Aside from the language which be near impossible to censor, you’d hear players on the same team communicating game plans and tactics.

  27. Mic the owners too! I’d love to hear Jerrah Jones crying and carrying on after losing twice to the Iggles!

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