Matt Rhule: Teddy Bridgewater brings out the best in people

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One of the first big decisions the Panthers made after hiring head coach Matt Rhule was the decision to sign quarterback Teddy Bridgewater as a free agent.

Bridgewater got a three-year deal in Carolina after spending the last two years as a backup in New Orleans. He got five starts last season while Drew Brees was injured and the Saints won all five of those games, which provided a strong sign that Bridgewater can still get the job done after his serious 2016 leg injury.

That checked off one box and Rhule said that Bridgewater also fits the bill in other ways. He said that other players expressed interest in joining the Panthers in order to play with the quarterback because “he brings out the best in people.”

“I believe so wholeheartedly in who he is as a quarterback,” Rhule said on NFL Network. “I believe in his abilities, I believe in his arm strength, I believe in his accuracy, I believe in his decision-making but, beyond that, I know he’s going to make everyone else that much better.”

It’s been a long road back to a starting job for Bridgewater. If he can lift teammates as Rhule expects, his second run should be an extended one.

19 responses to “Matt Rhule: Teddy Bridgewater brings out the best in people

  1. Teddy has all the intangibles and is very unselfish which are qualities that don’t show up in the boxscore, glad he finally is getting another chance as a starter. Arm strength and accuracy are very average and he doesn’t put up big numbers so he gets a lot of criticism. On the flip side he is a winner and players rally around him, he’s got that “it” factor.

  2. I loved Cam and am so sad his injuries have made the Panthers move on. BTW injries which came not when he was running, but when he had weak OL and getting sacked.

    I’m slowly getting more and more optomistic about what Teddy B-H2O can do for this team.

  3. Night and day between Teddy and Cam…..HUGE upgrade for the Panthers.

  4. If you have any questions about what people think of Teddy Bridgewater, just wait to see the ovation he receives from Vikings fans when he returns as the starting QB for the opposing team. That stadium is going to go crazy to show their love for this guy!!

  5. And if you listen to Panthers fans, this was the worst decision in franchise history. Funny that’s what Saints fans moaned about too. Until he went 5-0. Panther fans do yourselves a favor and ask any Vikings or Saints fan, or the endless parade of coaches about Teddy and trust them when they say how special Teddy is.

  6. I would have kept Teddy even if his leg had to be amputated before I paid Kirk $30+ million. Rick and Zimmer really botched that decision and set this franchise back at least a decade.

  7. Unprofessional Development says:
    May 31, 2020 at 9:40 am
    I loved Cam and am so sad his injuries have made the Panthers move on. BTW injries which came not when he was running, but when he had weak OL and getting sacked.

    I’m slowly getting more and more optomistic about what Teddy B-H2O can do for this team.

    It’s not just what he does for the team he is on, it’s what he does for the community he lives in. Take the football out of his hands and he is still such an asset to a community. Carolina got waaaay more than just a franchise QB. Just wait and see how the team and the city rally around this guy. Such a win!!

  8. Teddy is a winner. Despite all of the naysayers, all he does is win. I wish the Vikes would have just rolled with Keenum until Teddy was healthy instead of breaking the bank on Cousins. Two gloves, weak arm and all, Teddy is a leader of men and he makes everyone around him better. Carolina fans will be pleasantly surprised as Teddy leads them to 10-12 wins this year. In my 54 years as a hardcore NFL fan, I’ve never heard of any player more universally loved by teammates, coaches and the front office than Teddy Bridgewater. Sad that he’s no longer in Minnesota, but hoping for Teddy to complete his miraculous recovery with a Super Bowl win for Carolina.

  9. Maybe Teddy does bring out the best in people.

    Matt Rhule, on the other hand, will say anything.

  10. Very fragile qb, might win a few games not a star by any means. Panics in big situations and for a black QB not very mobile. Needs solid coaching to succeed.

  11. All the best to Teddy. I will cheer for him in every game he plays

  12. Teddy has shown to be a leader of men. Teams that let him go are already regretting it or will soon. The Vikings, the Jets, and the Saints.

  13. Whether Rhule pans out to be a good coach or not is up for debate, but he already set Carolina up for success with one simple move at the all important position of QB. Get the man some solid offensive help and let’s see Teddy get the dues he’s definitely earned!

  14. Vikings fan here (with a Teddy jersey). Good accuracy, doesn’t make a lot of mental errors, and super easy to cheer for (good guy). From a football standpoint, I got frustrated with his lack of arm strength, lack of deep ball accuracy, and lack of attack mentality (i.e. if it’s 3rd and 12 he’ll typically throw underneath rather than attack the 1st down marker. I think what Panther fans can reasonably expect is that he won’t win you games and he wont’ lose you games, and you’ll get in wins and losses whatever the rest of the team provides.

    I’ll always root for the kid though.

  15. Everything I’ve heard about Bridgewater says he’s a good guy so I wish him the best. Now the honest analysis is he’s been replaced by Kirk Cousins, Taysom Hill, and Jameis Winston. Name any TRUE starting Franchise QB who’s been replaced that often during their prime moving to different teams. Mahomes?…Manning(s)?…Brady?…Rodgers?…Big Ben?…Rivers?… Watson?

  16. Teddy needs the Saints o-line and coaching to win. I will be shocked if Carolina has a good season with him at QB.

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