Dante Scarnecchia says he’s retired for good this time

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Longtime Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia retired this offseason, and this time he means it.

The 72-year-old Scarnecchia also retired after the 2013 season, but after two years, he was persuaded to come back. But he told Mike Reiss of ESPN that he’s satisfied in retirement and is glad not to be involved in this year’s offseason because he isn’t comfortable coaching over videoconference.

“I look at the landscape that currently exists relative to this upcoming season, and more in particular now training camp, because OTAs aren’t going to happen, and say, ‘Oh my gosh, this as it currently exists is not for me,'” Scarnecchia said. “Virtual meetings with the players would be a nightmare for me because I’m not techno-savvy. I don’t like Zooming and doing all that. I’ve done it for 48 years. I think that’s plenty, and I’m really, really grateful for every day, every year of those 48, and all the things it’s provided us.”

Scarnecchia was perhaps Bill Belichick’s most important assistant coach, and his loss is a significant one in New England. He won’t be easy to replace, but he has to be replaced because he isn’t coming back.

7 responses to “Dante Scarnecchia says he’s retired for good this time

  1. Best to you Coach, Enjoy the fruits of your labor! You have taught many athletes more than football, you have prepared them for life through your ways.

  2. I realize position coaches don’t make it into the NFL Hall of Fame but if there ever was one who should really be considered it is Scar. The work he has done over his career has been amazing. Maybe he can make it as a contributor some year rather than some other billionaire taking the slot.

  3. yep, not the same without Scar. loved listening in on those sideline talks to his troops, always a cool head in the heat of the biggest games, same as BB.

  4. Belichick set up for this by having him work with Cole Popovich and Carmen Bricillo to make a easy transition in anticipation of his full retirement.

  5. Who other then Scar turned the undrafted, cast-offs, draft busts, and Journeyman O-Linemen into Pro-bowlers and highly sought after Fee agents? This guy was a magician with teaching technique and O-Line coordination. Last year was tough as you can make players good but talent is always needed. Last year, even with a noticeable lack of talent on the O-Line, they still were a top seeded playoff team. Enjoy retirement and I hope there is a place in the HOF for you one day.

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