Jags QB Josh Dobbs was at NASA/SpaceX launch as NASA intern

Getty Images

Jaguars quarterback Josh Dobbs hasn’t been able to work with his team in person this offseason, but he has found a way to keep busy beyond any remote meetings he’s been part of with his Jacksonville teammates.

Dobbs has been interning at NASA and was in attendance at Saturday’s launch of the NASA/SpaceX rocket that took a pair of astronauts to the International Space Station. Dobbs described the experience to Peter King for this week’s Football Morning in America.

“I really felt the nervousness watching the countdown, knowing what those astronauts have gone through to get to this moment,” Dobbs said. “Being able to see the teamwork involved in preparation for this launch was incredible for me. It’s so much like a football team — you see how everyone doing their job fits together and makes something great happen. That’s what I really appreciated about the experience.”

Dobbs was an aerospace engineering major at Tennessee and got the internship through a program organized by the NFL Players Association.