Michigan reopens to sports practices, games

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Lions head coach Matt Patricia said toward the end of last month that the team wasn’t in any hurry to get back into their facility and there wasn’t much reason for them to be hurrying because Michigan still had many closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Lions can now start to think about when they’d like to reopen their facility if they’re so inclined. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order on Monday loosening many restrictions and allowing for the resumption of activities at many businesses. It also allowed for the resumption of sporting events.

Per the order, outdoor sports practices and games can take place as long as individuals on the field and in the stands are able to practice social distancing. Crowds for outdoor events are capped at 100 people for the time being, so the current restrictions don’t necessarily lend themselves to an NFL practice or game environment.

While the Lions would be able to practice under such guidelines, there’s no reason to think this will make in-person activities any likelier before the end of offseason activities. All NFL teams will need to be able to access their facilities in order for such work to happen and the Lions were not the only team to do so.

7 responses to “Michigan reopens to sports practices, games

  1. The cat is out of the bag. There’s no point in keeping anything closed anymore.

  2. When the Lions finish in last place with maybe four wins for the third consecutive season this will all start over again.

  3. I have known Patricia enough to know that soon as a practice can be had they will have practice. There has been a lot of boo hoo from former players, but the truth is if your in the NFL it should be your life while your in it. Nothing else is important. If you have the skill then all you want to do is be at practice. Because if your above average you retire in your 30’s. I remember what football coaches were like in middle school and high school, and these Lions players felt like there feeling got hurt and when Detroit got them out they tattled like a little B. I think Patricia and Quinn are doing good, this was a great offseason and we still have a lot of money left, 2nd most in the league I believe just shy of the Colts. I just picture Patricia watching Patriot work outs and practices for a decade and coming to Detroit where it’s much different. Like ok your a great player you born that way but your a Lion so you can prove yourself here than get more money from another team and then realize you have to work harder and be better. Patricia and Quinn are getting rid of that stuff and I think were set up for a good year long as Stafford stays healthy. On paper the Lions are one of those Madden teams you use and your opponent laughs than you smoke him.

  4. Do these social distancing policies apply to the rioters?
    Haircuts, no.
    Churches, no
    Boating, no.
    Riots…sure, that’s an essential activity.

  5. “No way that governor should be reelected.”

    Of course she should be reelected,she has done one of the best jobs in the nation during the corona virus pandemic protecting the citizens of her state with her lockdown. if Matt Patricia coached the Lions as well as Gretchen Whittmer governs the Lions would be playoff bound every year just like the team they wish to emulate,the Patriots.

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