Ron Rivera: Terry McLaurin’s been a treat

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The 2019 season was a dismal one for Washington as a whole, but there were a few bright spots amid the losing.

One of them was rookie wide receiver Terry McLaurin. He led the team with 58 catches, 919 receiving yards and seven receiving touchdowns while playing with three different quarterbacks.

Head coach Ron Rivera wasn’t around for that work, but he’s caught up on what McLaurin did on the field while getting to know him as a person. Both have left Rivera with a positive view of the second-year wideout.

“Terry McLaurin’s been a treat,” Rivera said on FS1, via “He’s been a treat to get to know. I ran into him several times before the lockdown when he would come around and I’d have a conversation with him. And then listening in on his conversations with [wide receivers] coach [Jim] Hostler has been really, really good. I mean, he’s a young man I think that had a solid year last year as a rookie, a third-round pick — he’s a guy that could be on the verge, he really is. He reminds me so much of a D.J. Moore that we had in Carolina. Just an outstanding young man.”

Moore followed up a solid rookie year with 87 catches and 1,175 receiving yards while playing in an offense that also experienced shaky quarterback play. Rivera and company will be hoping for similar growth from McLaurin while getting better results on the quarterback front.

7 responses to “Ron Rivera: Terry McLaurin’s been a treat

  1. I think Washington is the clear Superbowl favorite. Maybe if enough games are cancelled they can win another fake championship like they did back in that strike year.

  2. McLaurin had an excellent season. He obliterated my Eagles non-existent secondary. Against Philly: 10 of 58 catches (17%); 255 of 919 yards (28%) for a whopping average of TWENTY-FIVE and ONE-HALF yards per catch! He could make HOF just playing against Philly. C’mon Schwartz…you gotta do better. SMDH….

  3. This player is one of the remarkable finds last year. The team bombed with picking Haskins-Robbins, but Terry is a great player who will only get better. It is a shame he doesn’t have anyone with talent to throw him the ball.

  4. Fake Superbowl? I get that it was a strike season and all and that doesnt make it an easy season! Playoffs were real that year!!! So you can take that fake super bowl stuff somewhere else!!!

  5. Gibbs led the Redskins to play in FOUR Super Bowl games, winning 3 of them, so just give up on that ”fake championship” nonsense. Great coach of a great team, with the titles to show for it.

  6. TM is off the charts as a human and as a player. Skins truly got lucky with that pick.

  7. Saw this kid in training camp last year and could see that he was the real deal in the short time I was there.

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