Where are the vast majority of NFL head coaches on the current unrest?

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At this critical moment in American history, only three NFL head coaches have made public statements in their own names (and only their own names) about the situation.

Three. Of 32. Even though the vast majority if the league’s players are minorities.

Beyond Dolphins coach Brian Flores, Colts coach Frank Reich, and Chargers coach Anthony Lynn, there has been nothing. (In fairness, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski’s name was attached to a nine-person statement issued jointly by the Cleveland Browns and the Columbus Crew, even if the statement didn’t really state all that much.)

The silence from other coaches has become curious, if not deafening. While it’s possible if not probable that they have communicated with their players, why have so few had anything to say to fans and media?

Only Flores has issued a written statement in his own name, with no other parties joining in it. Reich read his statement in a media videoconference with reporters on Monday, and Lynn spoke to a reporter.

Most coaches get it. Most are men of goodwill. More presumably (hopefully) will be joining the chorus of public voices, sooner than later. For now, though, there’s not much being said — and it’s not clear why. Do some coaches fear getting crossways with owners? Do some worry about a backland from fans? Do some simply not believe that deep and meaningful changes to our society are needed?

While every coach has the right to handle the situation however he deems fit, there’s one way to ensure that the current avalanche sweeps its way to meaningful change: By adding to it. The more that NFL coaches, owners, General Managers, and teams issue meaningful statements that decry the status quo and demand change, the sooner change will come.

84 responses to “Where are the vast majority of NFL head coaches on the current unrest?

  1. Who really cares? I’m sick of celebrity and athlete opinions on EVERYTHING.

    Just as I was sick of hearing multi-million dollar celebrities and athletes telling me to stay home and that “we’d get through COVID-19 together.”

  2. This country is being mind controlled by the media. Non stop trump impeachment coverage segwayed into non stop lock yourself up in your own home coverage now segwayed into crazy go out and loot and burn coverage.

  3. To me, just because you have the ability to Coach in the NFL doesn’t make your voice and opinion carry more weight. I wish Hollywood actors/actresses and other celebrities that have the ability to reach many impressionable minds would learn this simple truth.
    Just because you are famous for whatever reason doesn’t mean your views are the only views that should be heard.
    If anything, actions speak louder than words.
    Do the right thing and treat people the way you want to be treated…lead by example.

  4. The silence is not deafening. Not every person needs to publicly say something. Maybe they are doing things and not telling everyone about it, or maybe they are just angry, sad, or out on the streets protesting. They don’t need to make a public statement … then have others evaluate that statement and mock them for their privelage.

  5. What do you want them to say? And what if they say something you don’t agree with, are you going to praise and promote their stance?

  6. It’s called APATHY! “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

  7. Are you really asking for opinions/stances from men that will sell their souls to kiss the feet of billionaire owners that don’t care about social injustice, just to keep their jobs? Perhaps you should just ask the equipment managers.

  8. They are football coaches and realize that there is no ground to be gained. They will be seen as old white guy or somehow having the lense of white privilege. Tomlin will be called a Uncle Tom because he rose above his circumstances. Every other minority will stay silent because they want to keep getting paid and really dont care. They will say if you want to see brutality then go to there country

  9. Probably because guys like belichick are focused on his team and football. He’ll handle it with his team but doesn’t need to make media statements about this. Not everyone in society has to say something about it, just to say the same statement that pretty much anyone agrees with; that it was a horrific and evil act and hopefully change can be inspired after it. It’s good we’re giving it the exposure and attention it deserves but shaming every societal figure who doesn’t immediately do a speech on it is a little much.

  10. Because all you can do is get in trouble or say things that are meaningless. If you speak with the nuance or honesty it should demand, you risk being ruined.

  11. Who cares???? I mean really, why do people think celebs and athletes opinion are more important the the guy that works 40 hours a week at a job?

  12. Why do we need to hear from coaches?
    What difference will it make?
    Really.. What difference?

  13. If I was a player I would want to see a list of political donations from the 32 owners, before I started deciding who I wanted to sign with in free agency. Mike, can you put that list together.

  14. “The silence from other coaches has become curious, if not deafening.”


    Maybe they don’t share your knee-jerk hatred and prefer to have more MEANINGFUL dialogue when everyone CALMS DOWN.

  15. Let coaches decide if they want to make a statement. Some personalities just aren’t comfortable making it about themselves. What happened is terrible but it doesn’t mean our pro sports coaches need to weigh in.

  16. Who cares where they are? I watched my neighborhood get destroyed Saturday night and a man was beaten within an inch of his life in front of my apartment. The last thing on my mind was what do Matt Nagy and Mike McCarthy think of all this

  17. Seattle Seahawks put out a statement. Coach Carroll has been consistent in his support of Covid19, minority and underprivileged causes. I am proud of how the organization has stood up and been proactively involved. It’s not just statements, but actions taken, that mean so much, these days.

  18. Here! Here! I not only demand statements for coaches, I require statements from directors of pro player personnel, concession managers, field maintenance directors and whoever inflates Tom Brady’s footballs. Only then can we fully determine what the league really thinks.

  19. It’s obviously an important issue for all… but sometimes I think it’s important for a football coach to just be a football coach and not be required to give an official statement on their position or feelings. Just… coach football.

  20. How many Target employees have spoken up? How many public school teachers? How many pediatricians? I have opinions. There’s no reason why I should be expected to make a public statement.

  21. Why do you keep pushing this? Maybe most coaches are smart enough to realize that this is a no win situation for them? A large percentage of the population will disagree with them. Also, you basically can’t avoid hearing about this issue 24/7. Most people use sports as a distraction. No one wants political or social agendas shoved down their throats. Finally, you are not even leaving open the possibility that a coach could possibly dare to disagree with you. That is truly arrogant.

  22. at home sitting on their privileged butts.

    They’re all wealthy enough that they don’t have to say anything if they don’t want to

    They also have a unique enough job that is relatively safe & insulated from politics or most anything going on outside their facilities

    Where are the stars of Seinfeld or Big Bang Theory have to say?

    Does anyone care? Does anyone care what Belichick or Andy Reid or Mike McCarthy have to say?

  23. You just said the vast majority of the players in the league are minorities. Where is the new Rooney Rule for this?

  24. Judging by the uproar that ensued with Kaepernick taking a knee, a large percentage of NFL fans are Trumpers and rednecks and side with the cops when it comes to their dealings with minorities. I expect this comment will never see daylight.

  25. They are professional football coaches. Why do they need to make a statement? The team can do it if they really feel the need to appease their fan base.

  26. Maybe most of them realize they are coaches, and we don’t really care about their politics. Keep it in house.

  27. Who cares?
    Do you really find meaning in the virtue signalling posturing of Coach X, whichever one it is?

  28. Whenever there’s social unrest, the first thing I wonder is, “where do NFL head coaches stand on this issue?”.

  29. They are doing their jobs. Why do you need to demand NFL coaches be out there virtue signaling?

  30. Why should NFL coaches have to say anything? It’s their right not to say anything besides it’s a catch 22. Better off saying nothing and leaving politics out of the NFL.

  31. Because people should not have to look to an authority to tell them what to think, and because this is no way football related, it is not necessary for them to demand statements. We should be able to see right and wrong without direction from an authority figure. It may be obvious what is right or wrong in this case, but the more we make a habit of expecting statements from unrelated authorities about every issue the more we invite future circumstances where someone opens his/her mouth with no substantive contribution to make. It’s more important to know where YOU yourself stand than it is to figure out how many other people agree with you.

  32. You demand the coaches make a statement and if the statement doesn’t perfectly follow what you demand they say, you pounce.

  33. “Browns coach Kevin Stefanski’s name was attached to a nine-person statement issued jointly by the Cleveland Browns and the Columbus Crew, even if the statement didn’t really state all that much.)”

    So the message is only acceptable if you approve of it.

  34. Seriously there are bad apples in EVERY profession including reporters lets ask the coaches for an opinion.

  35. ….I’m. it sure where the coaches are……

    but I just had a spiritual awakening from all the chaos in the world today….

    …watching the fearless leader holding a Bible in front of St John’s has made me find inner peace.


  36. I’m almost ashamed to be apart these boards sometimes. Now, what an average Joe Blow has to say carries as much weight as a well known and well liked millionaire? Where do you people live and what do you do? My god.

  37. Because fans, especially kids look up to their favorite player or their team’s coach. Their statement could literally turn one of you “completely unaware of how life works” people around and make a change. Why do you think Nike and other billion dollar companies hire famous athletes to sell their goods. If Tim Duncan can sell Sprite, then other famous athletes and coaches can sell compassion, love, caring for your neighbor. Your all fine with them selling everything else, how about they actually sell something that can save lives. With all of this hate in the world it can only lead to more lives lost, white people, black people, and cops included.

  38. Article says “Three. Of 32. Even though the vast majority if the league’s players are minorities.”

    Is this also a problem or have we accepted some people are simply faster?

  39. If the coaches told you how they really feel about the looters and violent protesters they’d be attacked by the Twitter mob.

  40. Fantastic, more virtue signaling! Just how a lot of us want to start our day is corporations telling us how to feel. About everything, almost like other dictatorships. Listen guy, the coaches don’t have to say anything. We don’t have to hear from every single person with a platform ok. We get it

  41. Lot of bad cop fans getting their selfish little digs in here. Please don’t hurt me with your thumbs.

  42. Who cares what an nfl head coach thinks about this, really. Just because they aren’t out there virtue signaling does that mean they are all racists?!?? What about nfl players, nba coaches and players? Why don’t you write an article about them not out there protesting in streets?

  43. The problem is that society wants to force everyone to be “woke” and it is completely unnecessary. The protest/riots that have taken place will provide fodder for everyone to have an opinion, but do we really need everyone’s opinion?

    There are some who for various reasons, will opt to keep their opinion to themselves and that should be fine. Do we really expect Bill Belichick, Andy Reid and others to add anything meaningful to a conversation that has been raging even prior to the events of last week?

    NFL coaches are in the business of managing men for multi billion dollar corporations and they will toe the party line as dictated by the owner. Coach Flores has an owner who was ok with him saying his piece, but it would be foolish to expect this from owners who care about putting butts in seats AND do not want to alienate their fan base.

  44. Surely the important work and messages can continue without men who are trained at developing football players weighing in. Lets focus on the people who are using their voices effectively (there are many) and not on the ones who are choosing not to join the public frey. With the amount of scrutiny being applied to each and every response, I can understand why some highly paid gym teachers are choosing to remain silent. I think it’s fairly obvious that the majority of America is sickened by what happened to George Floyd and the mass destruction that has followed. This is not the time to be calling out football coaches.

  45. Southpaw says:
    June 1, 2020 at 11:28 pm
    Where is Ja?!

    I don’t wanna dance, I’m scared to death!

  46. The Kings broadcaster said something. The folks in power didn’t agree with it and he was suspended. Colin Kaepernick said something at the sacrifice of his career. As an African American I loved hearing from Brian Flores because his experiences being black facing the same things we all go thru made him credible. I’m not sure what a coach that has not had those experiences can add to the dialogue.

  47. If I was a coach I’d find the most peaceful protest possible, make sure the press gets some good clear pics of me and then make sure I mention it to EVERY SINGLE future FA that comes through the door for the next decade

  48. Southpaw says:
    June 1, 2020 at 11:28 pm
    Where is Ja?!
    I want some answers that Ja Rule might not have

  49. A large part of this civil unrest is due to the condescending nature in which leaders and figure heads tell the public how to think and act. I think it is pretty clear that the majority of leadership in America (whether it be political, corporate, religious, etc) does not express the opinions and struggles of the public. I could not care less what a man who has been doing nothing but yell at football players his entire life has to say about the current state of the nation. This type of entitled thinking (they owe us a statement!) only leads to further divide and further hatred.

  50. “issue statements”

    So when it is finally time for judgement at the gates of heaven, you are going to say you were part of the solution because you “issued a statement?”

    That’s no different than hashtagging on twitter and thinking you made a difference.

    I’m a leader with a team of 14 people, and the last thing anyone wants is for their leader to stop everyone and “issue a statement.”

    Move on and be a good person. Help where you can in life. Ostracize bad people. That’s it. That’s the blueprint.

  51. SparkyGump says:
    June 1, 2020 at 10:25 pm
    Here! Here! I not only demand statements for coaches, I require statements from directors of pro player personnel, concession managers, field maintenance directors and whoever inflates Tom Brady’s footballs. Only then can we fully determine what the league really thinks.
    Dont forget the parking lot attendants, food vendors,laundry people, custodians etc.

  52. wake me up when Scott Baio, the Nuge, James Woods, etc say something, otherwise, famous people should just “shut up and dribble” amirite?

  53. Florio! Just because your livelihood depends on a steady stream of blabber does not mean it’s necessary to have each and every one of them weigh in on the unrest.The voices needing heard are the ones from BLM protesters. Try reaching out to them for substantive insight.

  54. You mean where do the 28 white head coaches stand on the unrest? We know how the other 4 minority coaches feel.

  55. Who cares? Seriously, comments are directed by publicist or teams media relations department. Now, when Bruce Arians says something I will listen. The maven of all things football will for sure put his foot in his mouth and possibly be wearing CK Nike shoes.

  56. A few thoughts.

    1. Most NFL coaches realize their words will not move the hearts of men to change and thus it will just come across as a scripted obligatory denouncement and ring hollow.
    2. You keep throwing out there the lack of minority head coaches. Why not tell us the candidates out there that were “passed over” you think are worthy?
    3. As a Canadian, I’m fascinated with your moral outrage at the race issues in the United States (and I love your country) while you never say a peep at the injustices that happen worldwide on a daily basis which you are ok to ignore. If injustice outrages you and we are all brothers (which I agree with) then stop putting borders on your moral outrage.

  57. I hope they’re keeping their mouths shut… and if they do say anything it better be about how rioting, stealing and looting will not make things better…

  58. At least it makes sense now why Kirk Cousins doesn’t like to play in front of their fans.

  59. Coach’s are just that, they coach a “GAME”. What should they have to do with this? Nothing! Does it have anything to do with winning “GAMES”? No! So, all they can give is an opinion, so you can agree or disagree with it and say the same garbage everyone else is saying. WOW. What a country this has become!

  60. Florio, I really hope you read these comments and look at the thumbs up and thumbs down, just so you realize just how silly, ridiculous, and out of touch you really are…and that it shows that come election season, you and your shrieking, sensationalist friends will be tearing your clothes in the streets with tears streaming down your faces upon realizing that your indoctrination missions have yet again failed.

  61. Looking at all of these comments, you are now getting what America really thinks. It’s like everything else, “it’s Trumps fault”! On November 2nd you’ll see what the truth is, and not what these paid protesters are pushing.

  62. Justice for George Floyd AND people like Patrick Underwood, who were all murdered in the last week because of stupid people with no humanity.

  63. The minute an NFL coach suggests that we shouldn’t generalize to the many based on the actions of a few, he’ll be ripped to high heaven and his comment will be deleted from PFT.

  64. dogonnit says:
    June 2, 2020 at 11:29 am
    Looking at all of these comments, you are now getting what America really thinks. It’s like everything else, “it’s Trumps fault”!….

    I do not think anyone believes the Covid mess,and the Floyd mess, are all Trump’s fault; but everyone who is not a Stepford wife recognizes that president Trump is making both situations worse than they have to be.

  65. what would make anyone think that just because you are an NFL coach that there is some soft of obligation to pontificate about politics, the news and fools destroying private and public property?
    an NFL coach’s opinion is equally important as anyone elses.
    What they say or think doesnt matter any more than Florio or myself

  66. It’s not curious or deafening at all. Why should every coach put out a statement? Most would end up being form letters with no real substance. Let those who have something to say say it not try and force others to say something.

  67. Florio with his “critical moment” “groundswell” “gaining traction” hyping up things no one cares about and trying to make them seem bigger than they really are.

  68. Where has Tony Dungy been? He’s usually good for a few words telling us how “christian” we all should be in times “like these”. For a guy who likes to pop his mouth off about social injustices, he is awfully quiet on this subject.

    His silence is deafening.

  69. I wonder where Tony Dungy stands on the police brutality deeath of Tony Timpa? What am I saying, he probably never even heard of him. Wonder why?

  70. With all the looting going on, the one thing I haven’t seen being stolen is work boots.

  71. I taught my children threw to their adulthood and held myself to the following premise. When it comes time to account for yourself and defend the body of that which is your life’s work before whatever it is that you worship you must be able to stand resolutely. It is not going to be sufficient to say that I couldn’t take a stand, uphold my values, defend my faith, do unto others or be compassionate and just. Nor will it be acceptable to offer that others made me act, say or hold others against that which I know to be true. Our soul is in our own keeping and it is up to us as to how it will be judged.

    This is where I would tell them that virtue is brought from within and cannot be instilled by others, only encouraged.

    Coaches included.

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