Aaron Donald the betting favorite to win Defensive Player of the Year

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Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald has already won two Defensive Player of the Year awards, and he’s the betting favorite to win a third this year.

The odds at MGM have Donald as a +750 favorite to win the award. If he does, he’ll join J.J. Watt and Lawrence Taylor as the only three-time winners of the award.

Bears pass rusher Khalil Mack has the next-shortest odds at +1000, and after Mack comes Watt, who has +1200 odds to win the award for a fourth time.

Watt’s brother, Pittsburgh’s TJ Watt, is at +1500, and both Bosa brothers are on the board as well, with San Francisco’s Nick Bosa at +1300 and the Chargers’ Joey Bosa at +2500. Last year’s winner, Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore, is at +1500.

Among the interesting long shots are Washington rookie Chase Young at +5000 and Yannick Ngakoue, who is currently on the Jaguars but may be traded before the season starts, at +8000.

14 responses to “Aaron Donald the betting favorite to win Defensive Player of the Year

  1. Donald is so overrated. He does not change games, he’s just a consistent try hard type of player. I’m so tired of the media fawning over him.

  2. Bobby Wagner not listed…has ever got a vote? He is usally one or two in tackles every year. Just curious.

  3. My money is on Chris Jones (since he’s on a contract year, for now) or Nick Bosa. Not counting Donald out by any means, but the Rams are not exactly destined for greatness this year and usually it’s the member of a team that finishes above .500, and I just don’t see LA doing that this year

  4. Chase Young will win it in a landslide. He is heads and shoulders above all of those guys. Speaking of which, given his locks, a Head and Shoulders commercial is in his future.

  5. Its all about who you are and what team you play for and Im surprised nobody from the over rated Cowboys is listed!

  6. Yeah, seeing how the Rams were 9-7, hammered the darling Seahawks, were a game away from making the playoffs, were 8th in the league in offense with a gimpy-kneed running back, and lost two contributors while getting 3 OL back from IR, yeah, I see why everyone is picking them to go 0-16.

  7. Donald is a great player. However, with a new Defensive Coordinator and many players that left that D don’t expect the same results. Add a porous OL, Goof, and no running game doesn’t bode well for D player of the year.

  8. Tre White of the Bills. He was an All Pro in his third year this past season and has gotten better every year.

  9. Its very difficult for a Patriot to win this award. As the defense is set up for team success. Yet Gilmore had an Incredible year last year. He can win it again! Gooo Patriots!!

  10. I wonder if any bettor will get their money back if there is no NFL season in 2020.

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