Broncos players hold a pair of meetings with CEO Joe Ellis

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The Broncos are not among the teams that has issued a statement about the killing of George Floyd or the unrest that has followed over the last week, but not because they were avoiding the issues.

The team held a pair of meetings on Tuesday so that players and coaches could share their thoughts directly with team CEO Joe Ellis. Head coach Vic Fangio and General Manager John Elway were also in attendance.

Meetings were split among offensive and defensive groups and linebacker Alexander Johnson shared some of what he said when the latter unit got together.

“One thing I wanted to get across was, yes, it’s a black-and-white issue. But once we get past the black-and-white issue, we have to realize it’s really an issue of evil,” Johnson said, via Mike Klis of KUSA. “It’s an evil that’s brought so much harm. We need to some-way, some-how get our leaders — professional leaders like chiefs, government, judges — leaders who can change the system. Yes, it’s good when a black person stands up and says the system needs change. But when a white man who’s a top leader in the country says something, more people will listen.”

Johnson said he appreciated Ellis’ willingness to listen and offer to “help us in any manner he could” in the future.

3 responses to “Broncos players hold a pair of meetings with CEO Joe Ellis

  1. Well, I guess the nfl is going to go this route this year. I for one will not watch if all I’m going to be subjected to is “white people are bad” narratives. Coronavirus wounded sports pretty badly and the reaction to the George Floyd murder might just end sports for a long long time.

    I mean, does anybody actually miss basketball? Hockey? Baseball? I enjoy watching the nfl but if all I’m going to get is “why I should feel guilty for being white,” I’ll pass. And it’s even more insulting (And hilarious) to hear these cries for white guilt coming from white people.

  2. Yes I miss all those sports and yes I’m white. Why do you feel guilty for being white?

    I don’t know what the answers are, but it’s obvious to every caring human that something needs to change. I don’t believe you can easily change a racist into a non-racist but I think it’s important to have open and constructive conversations between white people and people of color. Maybe then we can begin to come up with solutions.

  3. Black & white issue?
    Those the only 2 colors in the country?
    Evil comes in all colors and always will.

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