Giants: George Floyd’s death is a tragedy “we have seen too often for far too long”

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The Giants issued a statement Tuesday after George Floyd’s death May 25.

The team stated that lasting change has to start at the community level, with the Giants committed to doing their part.

“George Floyd’s senseless death is the type of tragedy we have seen too often for far too long,” the statement read. “Over the past week, our players and coaches have talked about the hurt, the pain, the frustration and the anger. Each of us is feeling some or all of that. We continue to talk about what we can do to help unite and heal and, more importantly, create real opportunity and meaningful change. We have a responsibility as citizens to work in a constructive way. What we do to make a difference is what is most important. We have the ability to advocate for social justice and sustained change.

“We know that to make lasting change, it needs to start at the community level. That is why we are committed to continuing to strengthen the alliances we have with groups like the Vera Institute of Justice, the Newark Bronze Shields, The Bronx Defenders, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, RISE and our local law enforcement agencies to understand and support each group’s good work. We will continue to expand our relationships where we can have a meaningful, positive impact and make a difference.”

8 responses to “Giants: George Floyd’s death is a tragedy “we have seen too often for far too long”

  1. 50 years a Giants fan and I’m DONE. Screw the ZYankees too for hiring Cole. Hate cheaters.

    We looked away when LT was stopped 50 times high as a kite. You all came and got him and said thanks. Forgot about that? Really? Pulled over athlete after athlete because the rules don’t apply to them and those that had such encounters didn’t want to be ‘that cop’.

    It’s been going on for too long? What’s been going on is people like ME who had 1000 plus arrests and ZERO NONE NADA civilian complaints. People like ME who saved more lives than every NY Giant that ever took the field combined. Go work in the Hood and the issue is LACK OF OPPORTUNITY. FIX THAT. EDUCATION IS BIGGEST PART OF THE EQUATION. Do you all understand that the looters will now be looking for ways to rip each other off? If they haven’t already? Man….get out in the real world and get back to me.

    Yes, rogue cops exist. FIX THE TRAINING AND HIRING POLICIES. STOP HIRING OTHER PD’S THROWAWAYS. COMMON PRACTICE, as it’s cheaper. You don’t need to train them but you get what you (don’t) pay for.

    Rogue teachers. Rogue programmers (virus anyone?) and so on and so forth. ALL WALKS OF LIFE HAVE SOME BAD IN THEM. GOOD GRIEF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If they want this to stop then hire black police in black communities and white police in white communities and a mixture of both in mixed communities.

  3. greedyjimfromtonhicken says:
    June 2, 2020 at 7:11 pm
    If they want this to stop then hire black police in black communities and white police in white communities and a mixture of both in mixed communities.


    They tried this in the 26 Pct (Harlem). Civilian complaints went through the roof. Black cops get called Uncle Tom and then it gets ugly. As a white cop one thing I’m not proud of is giving the occasional white person I encountered some serious grief.

    It makes you angry that a person you identify with (color/religion etc) does something that makes YOU look bad. It’s just some sort of instinct or whatever. I’m not even remotely racist. My partner was Puerto Rican and my best friend was black and yet when I saw a white guy….

    All white cops in white areas and all black cops in black neighborhoods would be the biggest disaster in the history of NY. That’s saying a lot, considering the WTC among other events.

    Racism is a pretty simple concept for the police. Let’s say you’re white. If a white guy walks down the street, he has to prove he’s a BAD guy. If a black man walks down the street he has to prove he’s a GOOD guy. That’s racism in a nutshell. Most cops are not racists. But, all it takes is a small percentage and that’s why we are where we are right now. On both sides. Most o us hjust want to work , eat and be merry. A small amount try and drag us into their misery, ideology or whatever crap (crime) most of us prefer to avoid.

  4. These RIOTERS are murdering people in addition to burning down businesses and homes. This stopped being a protest about Mr. Floyd long ago. Stop pretending and making excuses.

  5. Here’s my statement:

    For far too long we have seen NFL player after NFL player arrested at an alarming rate. For far too long we are tired of the fringe players being fired while most of us are on the fringe (not 2 per centers) while the elite players get a free pass (akin to the 2 per centers). IT’S GOT TO STOP.

    I plan on not watching NFL games with my friends because let’s face it: The bad .00001% of NFL players are ruining it for everyone.

    Lets hope that the NFL fans of the USA do NOT take to the streets and riot the next time an NFL player kills someone.

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