Mark Davis sweating out completion of construction at Allegiant Stadium

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The construction of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas doesn’t have all that much margin for error in order to be ready for the start of the 2020 NFL season.

Several workers on the project have come down with cases of the coronavirus and had to leave the job and self-quarantine. An additional 15 cases were reported prior to the weekend. It’s part of the challenges the Las Vegas Raiders are trying to overcome to have their new digs ready to play in come August.

With the project scheduled for substantial completion by the end of July, Raiders owner Mark Davis acknowledged it could be a close call.

The least important thing in life is the score at half time,” Davis said in an interview with 1100 ESPN, via Mick Ackers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Until you get the job done, you just don’t know. When we do that ribbon-cutting (ceremony) you may see me wipe a bead of sweat off my brow.”

The Raiders do have some cushion to work with. Their first two preseason games are scheduled on the road so they don’t have to host a preseason game until August 27 against the Cardinals. And if fans are still not set to be allowed to attend the games at that point, certain areas of the stadium not being fully finished could prove rather inconsequential.

5 responses to “Mark Davis sweating out completion of construction at Allegiant Stadium

  1. It’s nice that Son-of-Al got his new stadium (and the attendant cashflow) but it’s too bad that he never had putting a winning Raiders team on the field as a priority.

  2. How many articles about how the Raiders stadium might not be ready in time.

    It was NEVER not going to be ready in time. Vegas knows how to do big projects, this was never in risk, Covid or not.

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