Matt Nagy cancels all player meetings in honor of Blackout Tuesday

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Bears coach Matt Nagy canceled all player and team meetings today in honor of Blackout Tuesday, a source tells PFT.

Blackout Tuesday is a day promoted by activists to observe, mourn and bring about policy change in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Nagy turned Monday’s meeting into an open dialogue about the events of the last week, seeing it as more important right now than football.

Put X’s and O’s on the back burner,” Nagy said Monday on NFL Network. “I don’t care about that right now. We’re going to talk through it, and if guys want to talk more or less, that’s fine. But it’s up to them. It’s about the family.”

Bears Chairman George McCaskey issued a statement Monday night, too.

“A week ago another unarmed African-American man died at the hands of a white police officer,” the statement read. “We are witnessing the anger and frustration play out in protests across the nation, including Chicago. We must do more than wring our hands and hope it doesn’t happen again.

“As an organization, we have addressed it internally by offering unconditional support to our family of staff, coaches and players, and today Ryan Pace and Coach Nagy spent the allotted two hours of team meeting time listening to and healing together with our players and the coaching staff.”

22 responses to “Matt Nagy cancels all player meetings in honor of Blackout Tuesday

  1. He just is finding any excuse to ignore the fact his team has no clue how to play football.

  2. Finally somebody’s taking this problem seriously and doing something about it! 🙄

  3. Guys I can already feel the change coming! Football players are reacting and it’s huge!

  4. Talk, talk, talk. This is the excuse people make when they do not actually want something to change. It’s throwing money at the problem without realizing the problem was never addressed in the first place. Colin Kaepernick spoke out about police violence and was kicked out of his league for it. The backlash to Kaepernick was enabled by the league’s reaction, as well as by the ignorant, bigoted language thrown around by pundits and politicians — and eventually the president.
    This is the excuse people make when they do not actually want something to change.
    Today, the president speaks of shooting looters. Kaepernick’s protest was peaceful, and it didn’t make a difference. In 2017, Trump said at an Alabama rally: “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when someone disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a b—- off the field right now’?”
    The NFL then tried to make up for its mistake — or at least provide public cover for it — by all sorts of flashy commissions and “initiatives,” like its Let’s Listen Together campaign. But it could have saved itself all that by addressing the actual issue in the first place. Everything after that was just wasted noise and hot air. It’s no wonder it didn’t work. It’s no wonder it didn’t make a difference.
    This is why Goodell’s statement was so infuriating: He still didn’t seem to get it. He still thought he could corporate-speak his way out of a situation. This sort of “thoughts and prayers” rhetoric and mindset is what caused the whole Kaepernick disaster in the first place. Goodell could have put public pressure on the owners of his league to sign a player who was obviously talented enough to remain in the NFL. (Remember, Kaepernick almost won a Super Bowl in 2013.)

  5. @covid19….

    …hell’o lot said there.

    …all on point.

    the pessimist in me says they’ll never reconcile.
    the optimist can’t wait to retire from ‘merica.


  6. I’m hoping for tons of national anthem protests this year. I have a feeling there will much more than just kneeling before games. Players are pissed, coaches are pissed, racism and police brutality must end now.

  7. You don’t even understand the system so how do you expect it to change.

    You’re taught the importance and history of your state and federal governments but never your local history. They don’t teach about the mayors and city councils that have consistently put forth failed policy. You vote every four years, maybe even every two, for people who don’t have the power to make a difference. And then you skip the times that incompetence is rewarded and people who have no business shaping policy slips through the cracks. Those people are smarter than you. Those people figured it out.

    See Civics in public schools, I know how it is in Minnesota, is taught by mediocre hockey coaches who should be better focused on you learning how your government is supposed to work instead of why they’re suffering another losing season. Stop relying on teachers who fail, learn for yourself, and then make the change.

  8. Crazy!!! Ppl actually take this situation as a joke until someone they know becomes a victim.

  9. It’s funny that the media is bringing up Kaepernick again. Isn’t he living proof that this protesting is pointless?? Taking a knee during the anthem, blocking roads, posting on social media to let everyone know you’re not racist…. none of that does anything to fix your problems. This crap can only be fixed with respect and love – from both sides. Anyone can post on social media. Anyone can take a knee. Even racists.

  10. Can’t wait for November 3rd and then the countdown to the rehabilitation of America. God please bless us until we can make the changes.

  11. Can’t wait for November 3rd and then the countdown to the rehabilitation of America. God please bless us until we can make the changes.

    LOL yeah is it Trumps fault? Biden will fix it after being in politics for 40 years he will finally do something? Not likely.

  12. “Thoughts and prayers” work no better here to fix the problem than they do to stop school shootings. Lawless police need to be removed from the force. Charging that guy with murder is a good start. But how about his three pals at the scene?

  13. to all the Trump fans:
    You seriously look forward to 4 more years of this *leadership*?

    something ain’t right in yo head

  14. Quick question: if you are pulled over tomorrow for… let’s say not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, and have the option to change your skin color before the officer sees you. Would you rather be black or white? Why?

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