Dak Prescott pledges $1 million to improving police training and addressing systemic racism

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NFL figures are moving past words and toward action.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has pledged $1 million to improving police training and addressing systemic racism through education and advocacy in our country.

Prescott’s pledge comes at the conclusion of a social media statement regarding recent events.

“As a black multiracial American, I am disgusted and unsettled!” Prescott writes. “As our communities take action, protesting and fighting for the justice of George Floyd and every black life, I am with you! . . . As I process the passing of my brother, I have come to realize we are not given a voice to pronounce how much we matter. It is our obligation to tell our neighbor how much they matter to us and take a stand for the greater good of each other.”

Prescott had a specific message for members of law enforcement. 

“To the men and women that police our streets, I have the utmost respect for those of you with a passion for protecting and serving our communities,” Prescott said. “When you chose to wear a badge of a police officer, you pledged to PROTECT life and property through the enforcement of our laws and regulations. How can you claim to uphold the law when those within your ranks don’t abide by it? You need to hold your own accountable! Each of your are as guilty as the men who stood beside Derek Chauvin if you do not stand up against the systemic racism plaguing our police forces nationwide.”

Prescott becomes the first NFL quarterback to make a seven-figure contribution to the cause of change when it comes to systemic racism. He probably won’t be the last.