Panthers plan to go back to Wofford next year

Getty Images

The NFL pulled the plug on off-site training camps Tuesday, but the Panthers hope to go to Wofford College at least one more time.

Via Joe Person of, the Panthers made it clear they planned to return to Spartanburg, S.C. next summer.

“We are aware of the league’s decision regarding training camp and support its goal of ensuring the safety of fans, players, coaches and staff,” the team said. “We value our longstanding relationship with Wofford and the Spartanburg area and look forward to returning in 2021.”

The Panthers went to camp in Spartanburg for their first 25 years, based on the fact former owner Jerry Richardson went to school there.

They signed a two-year contract with the school last year.

The team is building a new football facility in Rock Hill, S.C. (a Charlotte suburb), and once that’s completed, they plan to have camp there. That facility is scheduled to open in 2022.

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