Shad Khan: I know change is possible

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Jaguars owner Shad Khan has written a long, personal essay that goes well beyond the platitudes that many professional team owners have offered amid the unrest currently unfolding on America’s streets.

In his statement, Khan describes coming to the United States from Pakistan and going from having $500 to his name to being a billionaire, and he decries racism and discusses prejudice he has faced as a Muslim in America.

I know change is possible, and here’s one reason why: While I am often described as ‘self-made,’ the truth is I benefitted tremendously from hundreds of good and generous people early on, from all walks of life, who supported me unconditionally and contributed mightily to my realization of the American Dream,” Khan writes. “My classmates, professors, fraternity brothers, colleagues, friends and family all helped to shape the person I am today. Opportunity and some help along the way allow us all to do great things.”

Khan believes this is a moment when America can confront racism and emerge in a better place.

“Racism, in all its forms, will kill. It kills people, it kills communities, it kills dreams, it kills hope,” Khan writes. “For many Americans, now is the moment. Never has that been clearer. I don’t want to waste this moment.”

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  1. yea change is possible if you sell the team to someone who actually cares about winning in jacksonville.

  2. May not be a great NFL owner, but knows how help can affect a person of colour. People like this need to be listened to.

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