Bruce Arians: Devonta Freeman’s price too high for us

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Free agent running back Devonta Freeman said recently that he isn’t thinking about retiring, but he hasn’t found a team willing to hit his desired price to play during the 2020 season.

It doesn’t look like the Buccaneers are going to be the team that changes the situation for Freeman.

They’ve been reported as an interested party and head coach Bruce Arians confirmed as much during a Wednesday conference call, but added a caveat. Arians said, via multiple reports, that Freeman is asking for more money than the team is looking to spend given their current salary cap situation.

The NFLPA’s daily salary cap report shows the Buccaneers with just over $6.4 million in cap space. Seattle was another team reportedly interested in Freeman before signing Carlos Hyde to a one-year deal worth up to $4 million, which was followed by a report that Freeman believes he is worth more than he was being offered.

11 responses to “Bruce Arians: Devonta Freeman’s price too high for us

  1. He got paid more than he was worth last contract. So he has an inflated idea of his worth. He would probably make more if he was a past Super Bowl winner. Which he probably would be if he had bothered to even try to block the blitzer in the S Bowl. If you want top money you need to be able and willing to block and not be injury prone. RB who won’t block and are injury prone are a dime a dozen.

  2. As with any job, it does not matter what you think you’re worth. It’s what the person(s) hiring think you’re worth.

  3. Some people have an over inflated value of their worth. Market value and team need determine a players salary.

  4. He’ll figure it out, or he’ll retire. Either way, he’s set for life if he’s not foolish with his money.

  5. If I’m Freeman and I still want to play (and try to get a ring) I’m signing with Tampa for whatever they’re offering to be part of Brady’s arsenal. Easy for me to say though. Running backs take a beating in this league. He’s got to weigh out what exactly it’s worth for him to put that potentially long term damage on his body and decide from there.

  6. If I’m Devonta Freeman and I’ve made $24MM and am healthy I am retiring.
    I have a nice pension at age 50 too.

    I don’t need an extra couple of million after taxes and the injury risk, I’m done.
    At age 28 with 10+ million in the bank I’m set for a comfortable but not stupidly extravagant life.

  7. Freeman better wake up take the best offer or he is going to just price himself out of a job and then he is losing money because it’s money he’s not making and will never have a chance to “re earn”. Hey. If he’s happy with his financial situation and willing to leave money on the table more power to him. If I were him I would work with the Bucs and try to get a ring with Brady because if he prices himself out of a Super Bowl ring he’ll be kicking himself in the pants forever.

  8. At some point you are worth what the market value offers you. It Fluctuates due to timing of your contract situation, the team cap space and need. It appears that right now; it is down. Sign a one deal & gamble on circumstances improving next off season, take the best deal you can get or retire…..or wait until a team decides it needs you later in the season, while making a run at the SB.

  9. When you ask more for tour car than it’s worth it usually doesn’t sell.

  10. There’s a huge difference now days between what most of these players think they’re worth and reality! Unless you are truly elite when you demand these huge paydays you’re more than likely just setting yourself up to be unemployed or an early retirement!

  11. If Devonta is convinced that he still has “it”, then he should push for an incentive laden deal that would minimize a team’s risk. This might be the best strategy considering injury history and recent uninspiring play.

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