Bucs to use two tight ends as base offense

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The Buccaneers already had a good pair of tight ends on the roster, before Rob Gronkowski came to town.

So it makes sense that they want to use them all.

Via Greg Auman of TheAthletic.com, Bucs coach Bruce Arians replied “that’s our base offense” when asked about what’s referred to as “12 personnel” (one back, two tight ends).

Arians also mentioned the possibility of using three tight ends on the field at the same time, meaning roles for Gronkowski, Cameron Brate, and O.J. Howard.

But putting Gronkowski and another tight end on the field with wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin presents an array of options, and a versatility new quarterback Tom Brady will be familiar with from his days with the Patriots.

4 responses to “Bucs to use two tight ends as base offense

  1. They are a 9-7 team. Not a contender for sure.

    Last time Gronk and Brady played together they scored 10 points and got credit for Brian Flores’s masterful game plan against the Rams.

    Tom Brady is the reason they AREN’T a contender.

  2. Who knows if we’ll have a football season. But I like to just put that question to the side and look forward to seeing how teams will look this season. The Bucs will be interesting to watch. Brady with two of the best WRs in the league, and three TEs? What will that look like? Fans and haters will have their advance opinions, but I want to see how it plays out for real.

    And, as a Patriots fan, I can’t wait to see what they look like with so many guys who were on IR last year coming back, plus the new guys and Stid the Kid in the driver’s seat. Again, people have their bold predictions, but I want to see what it looks like in real time.

    It’s nice the various networks are showing a lot of good vintage games, but I’m just itching to see the real live thing if it’s feasible this year. I don’t care one little bit about whether there are fans, whether there is fake noise, or any of that side stuff.

  3. Nice to see a thread regarding actual football. And let’s just note, while many players are getting themselves worked up around non-football related things, Tom Brady and his team already have their heads down and are working to make themselves better

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