Likely first-round pick Marvin Wilson to boycott workouts over coach’s “lie”

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Florida State defensive tackle Marvin Wilson, who is widely regarded as a first-round prospect in the 2021 NFL draft, says he and teammates will boycott workouts because head coach Mike Norvell lied about the discussions he had with his players about the recent unrest following the police killing of George Floyd.

Norvell told that he “went back and forth individually with every player this weekend.” When Wilson saw that, he wrote on Twitter that Norvell was lying.

“Man this did not happen mane,” Wilson wrote. “We got a generated text that was sent to everybody. There was no one on one talk between us and coach. This is a lie and me and my teammates as a whole are outraged and we will not be working out until further notice.”

Florida State players began voluntary workouts at the school’s football facility on Monday. It is unclear how many players plan to join Wilson in his boycott, but multiple Florida State players liked or shared Wilson’s tweet.

Wilson had a good chance of being a first-round draft pick this year, but after a hand injury cut short his 2019 season, he decided to come back for his senior year in 2020.

11 responses to “Likely first-round pick Marvin Wilson to boycott workouts over coach’s “lie”

  1. So when you are mad cause the boss lied you dont have to go to work anymore? It won’t be the last time….

  2. You have the right not to play and NFL teams will have the right not to draft you.

  3. Wow. How hard would it have been for the coach to actually interact with his players during this time of such turmoil? A true leader doesn’t send a group text and leave it at that.

    And, of course, because of the NCAA’s arcane and completely unfair rules, players can’t simply change programs without sitting out a year if they’ve lost faith in their coach…or if the coach quits or is fired or any reason whatsoever.

  4. The coach lied to the public and the players addressed it publicly. I don’t see anything wrong.

  5. If you say you talked to EVERY player then you better make sure you actually did that. And at a major college there are a lot more players than on an NFL team. By the time you include redshirts and the like it’ll be around 100 guys. Unless they had a full team meeting it’s unlikely a coach would speak to every single one of them in a single weekend and he specifically said he’d talked to guys “individually” which is even less likely.

  6. If I was the school I would say ok you don’t have to participate in our football program. However, you have to give back your scholarship. You can play somewhere else after you sit out a year. Go pound sand.

  7. In the day and age of social media, why would a coach pull a bonehead move like this. If your that uncomfortable speaking to your players about it figure something out that isn’t just a total fabrication.

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