New Orleans native Wendell Pierce takes issue with Drew Brees

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Wendell Piece, a New Orleans native and accomplished actor both on screen and on stage, joined the cacophony of voices pushing back hard against Saints quarterback Drew Brees on Wednesday night.

Following Brees’ comments asserting he will never agree with anybody “disrespecting the flag” due to his grandfathers’ military service, Pierce directed a message to Brees via his Twitter account to relay his father’s differing experience of serving and returning home.

To Drew Brees, my 95yr old father fought in WWII at Saipan risking his life for the United States of America, a country that had little respect for him,” Pierce wrote. “When he returned to New Orleans he was denied his right to vote, his right to live where he wanted & most of his civil rights. My father risked his life for the US Constitution that was written without even considering him a human being, until many Americans lost their lives to change it. To protect the 1st Amendment right to protest. Even then my father returned to New Orleans greeted by segregation.

“My father, who fought for your freedom Drew Brees had to navigate racial violence in New Orleans as civil rights protesters were beaten by many who stand for our flag as they sat at the Woolworth lunch counter… blocks from the Superdome. My father fought for the flag you respect, when that flag flew over New Orleans City Hall when a Christian preacher by the name of Rev. Avery Alexander was dragged down the steps of City Hall because n—— were not allowed in its segregated cafeteria. … A Christian like you. My father is a patriot that stood up and risked his life for the American flag so Americans can kneel down in protest when its raised. Are you saying he disrespects it? He loves this country that seldom loved him in his 95 years. That’s living the life of Christian forgiveness.

“My father returned home after fighting in WWII & started a family. As his youngest son, he taught me to love the country that America could be…. but had not become yet. He taught me to fight for that America of liberty and justice for all. Never lose the ability to be offended. My father fought in the Double V campaign, victory abroad & victory at home. We won victory over fascism abroad but we’re still fighting racism at home. Drew Brees my father cheers for you every Sunday, I hope you cheer for him as he takes a knee for the flag he nearly died for.”

NFL players that have been vocal in their desire to combat social justice and police brutality have repeatedly stressed their demonstrations have nothing to do with the military. It was ex-Green Beret Nate Boyer that suggested Colin Kaepernick take a knee for his protest instead of sitting during the national anthem. Kneeling has been used in several protests this week as an olive branch between police and protestors asking for their voices to be heard.

16 responses to “New Orleans native Wendell Pierce takes issue with Drew Brees

  1. I loved him as Bunk in “The Wire” – I think the majority of folks who agree with Mr. Brees could learn a lot from that show. There is a lot of hurt in this land of ours.

  2. Powerful message.

    It’s unfortunate that it will fall on a number of deaf ears and be argued with by many that are blind to the facts.

    This is America.

  3. Four generations of veterans in my family including me. Drew, you’ve missed the boat on this one. American citizens being cleared forcefully for a photo op? That’s not freedom and not what we fought for. Using religion as a way to manipulate? Foreign actors are greatly pleased by the weakness that exists in the USA currently. Anyway you look at it, the flag should make you sad right now, not proud.

  4. Wow, that was powerful. My eyes watered a little. I like how he offered an olive branch by saying his dad still cheers for him.

  5. Amazing how the attacks just keep on coming against one of the nicest, most philanthropic guys in the entire NFL. Pathetic.

  6. Damn….well put. Love Brees, but he’s def if he doesn’t understand kneeling isn’t disrespectful to the flag and country.

  7. ringheadcrusher says:
    June 4, 2020 at 8:13 am
    Amazing how the attacks just keep on coming against one of the nicest, most philanthropic guys in the entire NFL. Pathetic.

    Being nice and philanthropic doesn’t mean you’re always right. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have room to grow as an individual. It doesn’t mean that your world view isn’t limited by your own experiences. Brees, like so many others, is trying to make the kneeling protest about the military when it’s not. And in doing so, he dismisses the issue at hand. By doing so, by attacking the protest and not addressing the protested issue we never cure the underlying issue. That underlying issue has created these riots, has fostered the anger of millions of Americans, because men like Brees ignore peaceful protests. Brees is a great guy, but he was wrong on this issue.

  8. Is it not fair to believe that everyone comes from a different place? Everyone has had different experiences. Everyone has their views shaped by their own personal experiences. I completely respect what Wendell Pierce is saying. That is his truth. Those are the facts for him and his family. Just because that was the reality of his family history, doesnt mean Drew Brees has to use that as the basis for his opinion, right? If I burn my hand on a campfire, I am probably gonna think twice about playing with fire. Does that mean you have to think twice about playing with fire? You didnt burn your hand, you dont have that memory to shape your opinion of fire. So it would be unfair for me to criticize you for not having that same experience with fire.

  9. To those that think kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful….Kaepernick originally just sat on the bench, after doing this a few times, it was noticed, and he was told it was disrespectful. After consultation with military veterans, it was decided that kneeling during the anthem would be a respectful protest.

    Veterans told him to kneel instead of sit, so he did.

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