Sean McDermott has tried to get players to open up to each other

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Even before current events led many teams to have meetings where players opened up to each other, Sean McDermott tried to get the Bills to create bonds in the locker room.

And he thinks that’s helping now.

McDermott said during a videoconference Wednesday that he thinks their roster is closer as a result of it.

“Part of the reason why we share stories in our culture and in our building is to learn about one another,” he said. “And with that comes, certainly some differences, but with that also comes a lot of similarities between people. I hope that our team can be a unifying picture of what it should look like. I really believe that. I really do.”

McDermott said he got a visual representation of that when he saw a photo of the skill players’ workouts in Florida led by quarterback Josh Allen.

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Family trains together. ✊

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“I think it’s a great example of what our world needs to look like right with, with the guys smiling together with hands on each other’s shoulders,” McDermott said. “I think that’s a great snapshot for America.”

It’s also a good visual in the football context, since not every team woke up this morning quite so unified.

7 responses to “Sean McDermott has tried to get players to open up to each other

  1. It seems McDermott has made the Bills a team that players want to be a part of.

  2. That’s encouraging but then I read Ed Reeds comments about Drew Brees and got angry again.

  3. In _____ we trust, insert name in blank.

    All we do is lose.

  4. collectordude says:
    June 4, 2020 at 7:54 am

    Too bad, they’re not closer to winning.

    Ummm… They’re not? Didn’t they go 10-6 last year, and play in a wildcard game?

    That would be a .625 “Winning” precentage.

    I think they ARE “winning” now by any intelligent definition of the word.

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