Terron Armstead waited to talk to Drew Brees before commenting

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A number of Saints teammates didn’t wait for today’s team meeting to give Drew Brees a piece of their mind.

But one of the guys responsible for protecting Brees said Thursday he’s hoping that Brees’ online apology Thursday morning will be proven sincere.

“I could’ve easily got on social media and attacked [Brees] yesterday,” Saints left tackle Terron Armstead wrote on Twitter. “His comments were extremely insensitive, dismissive, and flat out disappointing. Knowing him personally and his character I decided not to do so, and addressed things internally.

“Speaking with him and a few of my teammates we know that accountability and responsibility is the only way to move forward from this. The message has to be clear! The stance has to be clear! Time to put our words into action!

“The injustices, systemic oppression, policing, all these things the black community has cried out for, it’s time to become the solution and see real change.”

Brees said this morning that he hoped to help lead that charge, and his teammates will be watching to see if he follows through with those words.

7 responses to “Terron Armstead waited to talk to Drew Brees before commenting

  1. Last year…per the Washington Post…largely regarded as a highly liberal news source there were a total of 10, in the entirety of the United States, police killings of UNARMED black Americans (9 men, 1 woman).

    In 5 of those cases, the officers were attacked by the perpetrators, with corroborating witnesses…no charges brought.

    End of the day I believe it was 3 cases where the officers were found negligent and charges were brought.

    In 2019, police killed 20 unarmed white Americans; 10 unarmed black Americans. Per the Washington Post.

    Do changes need to be made? Yes, always, we’ll never be perfect as a society and that’s just an intellectual reality (part of that is who gets to decide perfection).

    But there is NOTHING systematic going on.

    Frankly, what going on now is scary. The national socialist party came to power in Germany in the late 1920s through propaganda and fear/shaming. That is you weren’t pro-Germany above all reasoning because of the Versaille Treaty you no longer have a voice.

    We’re now entering a world in America where if you don’t blindly agree that there’s systematic racism, that Colin Kaepernick is some soothe-sayer of Justice, than kneeling during the anthem is not disrespectful then you should just shut the blank up.

    What is going on is a form of totalitarianism…and this is how it starts…a lot of people are being blinded, being fooled.

    Drew Brees got on his knees and is now praying to the god of totalitarianism largely because he’s got $20M or so riding on it this year and then a very lucrative long-term contract with NBC Sports post playing career……not all of us can sell out to the dollar like Drew…hopefully more of us; black, white, asian, hispanic, other will see what’s really going on and stop this before it goes too far.

    Do we have social injustices that need to be repaired? Yes, of course.

    But if we let that become a diversion in the form of totalitarianism then we’re taking steps backward, not forward.

  2. Drew, heed what the historian Howard Zinn said — “There is not a flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

  3. R D says:
    June 4, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    Last year…per the Washington Post…largely regarded as a highly liberal news source there were a total of 10, in the entirety of the United States, police killings of UNARMED black Americans (9 men, 1 woman).


    Where did you source this unadulterated horse manure, infowars?

    FYI, the casual reader can simply use a site like statistica and totally destroy your fictitious numbers. Here’s a direct quote from statistica:

    “Since the start of 2015, 4,728 people across the country have died in police shootings and approximately half – 2,385 – were white. Out of the remainder, 1,252 were black, 877 were Hispanic and 214 were from other racial groups. The data looks different as a share of the population, however. Black Americans account for less than 13 percent of the population but they are shot and killed by the police at a rate that’s over twice as high as for white Americans.”

    10 unarmed people in all of the USA were killed by police last year? Your common sense is being obscured by your political agenda. That number alone should have given you ample warning that either you didn’t understand the article, or the article that you read was a deliberate lie by the author.

  4. My old man used to tell me back in the day:

    A wise old owl lived in an oak
    The more he saw, the less he spoke;
    The less he spoke, the more he heard,
    Now wasn’t he a wise old bird?

    I’ll never be a celebrity, but if I ever did end up being an “influencer” or a star NFL quarterback, I’d certainly have enough sense to keep my mouth shut about the issues of the day because in our conflicted culture, you’re damned no matter what you post.

  5. @amyisraelchai1:

    All lives DO matter, but you’re missing the point.

    The point is that African-Americans are subject to systemic racism which whites do not experience and suffer much more grievous treatment at the hands of the police. THAT IS A FACT. Our attention should be on rectifying the most egregious injustices in society, and that is the unjust treatment of African-Americans. Ergo, #BlackLivesMatter

    It’s like having 10 houses on a street, but only 1 is on fire. More attention must be brought on the house on fire and the fire department (an organ of the state) should be focused on extinguishing the house on fire.

    Btw, I’m white.

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