Texas to allow sports with 50 percent capacity of fans

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The state of Texas just doubled the number of fans who can attend sporting events.

Via the Dallas Morning News, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that professional and college stadiums can operate at 50 percent capacity when they open, a week after capping that number at 25 percent.

“Stadiums, whether it be where the Mavericks play or the Texas Rangers play or the Dallas Cowboys play, will be able to seat [at] 50 percent capacity,” Abbott told KDFW-TV.

There’s an IndyCar race in Fort Worth Saturday, but they’re moving forward with that event without fans. They’re also playing golf’s Colonial on June 11-14 without fans.

While the NFL is months away from falling under any such limitations, the reality of games in front of something other than a full house is something teams have to consider.

Abbott’s order can three days after the state set a single-day high of positive tests for COVID-19, and three of the four highest numbers of positive tests since March have come within the last week.

14 responses to “Texas to allow sports with 50 percent capacity of fans

  1. How can a 50% full stadium be meaningfully safer than a full stadium? These guys are making it up as they go.

  2. If its outdoors I think 50% is way too high, especially when you all crowd into the rest rooms and entrance areas and food concessions.
    To sit in a checkerboard pattern you would have to limit it to 25%.

    For indoors its crazy to have 50%, and even 25% is probably far too high because the air containing any virons will circulate.

    Sitting 6 feet from someone who has COVID for a couple of hours probably puts you at a high risk of getting infected since the air will gradually circulate.

  3. Once seated I think everyone’s ok, the bigger problem is 40,000 drunks shoulder to shoulder entering and exiting at the same time, breathing, shouting, and spitting all over each other. They need to make masks mandatory and hand out team-themed NFL masks in the parking lot.

  4. Folks are gonna be like how could we possibly have foreseen the resurgence of covid!!!

  5. Social distancing cannot be maintained with 50% capacity. There will be mass bunching of people entering and leaving the stadium. What about restrooms and concessions? And what if someone sitting in the middle of their row needs to leave their seat in the middle of the game to go use the restroom? Are they going to climb over and invade the personal space of the others in their row?

  6. Have not been a fan of Abbot’s although until now he’d handled the pandemic well for Texas.
    But this is Mega-Stupid.

  7. That last paragraph is factually innacurate. We had our lowest total cases since March and Texas has the highest recovery of Covid cases in America. It’s simply not been the problem here it is in other parts of the country

  8. OK let’s see if the fans in Texas are as stupid as their leaders?

    Anyone else think this will end badly?

  9. donato77 says:
    June 4, 2020 at 12:36 pm
    This is incredibly stupid and not based on scientific data.

    Nope, it’s called trying to make up some of the lost revenue of the state’s “stay at home” order! Like they say “it’s ALWAYS about the money, A-L-W-A-Y-S”, PERIOD.

  10. The geniuses complaining about this are no doubt fine with thousands of people huddled together in a protest.

  11. We just had 60 thousands protesters shoulder to shoulder downtown this week. I think we can do 50% at a sports event. Not mention right now there is no sport events to go to. Damn people LOL

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