Alexander Mattison: “The time is now for change”

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The group of Vikings players who attended Thursday’s memorial for George Floyd included running back Alexander Mattison. After the event, Mattison explained the experience to

That was definitely one powerful atmosphere,” Mattison told Eric Smith. “It was like no other that I’ve felt in my life, the power that I felt in that room. His family was able to give their testimony for how great of a man he was, and it’s sad to see how a life was taken.

“Al Sharpton really hit home with me about how our time is now. The time is now for change. We’re going to continue to talk about it and figure out ways to make that change as a team and people of this community.”

Mattison addressed the decision to join teammates like Adam Thielen, Kyle Rudolph, Mike Hughes, Garrett Bradbury, Aviante Collins, Dakota Dozier, Tajaé Sharpe, Tyler Conklin, Chad Beebe, Cameron Smith, and Jake Browning at the memorial service.

“We’re fortunate to play there, so we wanted to make a statement that we’re behind this, and also show our love and support,” Mattison said. “We were all out there because we know it’s a tough time in this world, and we wanted to show our love and support as a team.”

Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer happened blocks from the Vikings’ home stadium. The incident, which happened only 11 days ago, has triggered a worldwide movement for racial justice.

6 responses to “Alexander Mattison: “The time is now for change”

  1. “Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love… Our aim must never be to defeat or humiliate the white man, but to win his friendship and understanding.” — Martin Luther King

  2. Not to nitpick but Cup Foods is 3 miles from US Bank Stadium, not “blocks” away.

  3. YES what happened to Floyd never should have happened and those responsible should never see the light of day again but there’s a FAR BIGGER problem in the black communities than a black being killed by the police and they’ve just been ignoring it for over a decade.

    Just over the last 5yrs there have been 5000 people killed by police and 24% were black, so approx 1200 blacks were killed at the hands of police in 5yrs nationwide, in that same 5yr period nationwide there have been 30,000 blacks murdered by other blacks, so there’s a whole lot bigger problem here(>25X bigger) that’s just being ignored by everyone including blacks and especially the media!

    In reality a black has a 25X greater risk of being murdered by one of their own than by police, so when are they going to wake-up to, discuss and address that problem?

    What wrong NBC can’t handle the truth or is it just that it doesn’t fit YOUR agenda?

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