Devonta Freeman tells Bucs to negotiate with him directly

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Devonta Freeman has a message for the Buccaneers.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians was asked about reports that the team has interest in the free agent running back during a Thursday conference call and said that there would be interest if Freeman was looking for a lower salary. That led to a response from Freeman on Twitter later in the day.

Freeman wrote that he read in the media that the Bucs are interested, “but we can’t negotiate through the media.” He suggested that the team get in touch with him directly so that they could talk about a potential deal that would put him in the backfield with Tom Brady this season.

Freeman also wrote that “a number of teams” are interested in signing him, although that may be a bit of negotiating through the media in order to get the call he’s looking for from Tampa.

8 responses to “Devonta Freeman tells Bucs to negotiate with him directly

  1. Freeman Can’t Pass Protect (See SB LI) he would get Brady Killed. Very Bad Fit. he needs a team with a running QB or Top O-Line

  2. Arians was asked a question and he answered it. I don’t have a problem with it. Freeman didn’t like it, which is his right, then chastised Arians through social media about not negotiating through the media. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say the Bucs are no longer interested.

    Almost certainly Freeman wants far more money than anyone is willing to pay. Maybe he should have thought about producing the last several years after mailing it in upon signing that big contract–which is now gone. Something tells me the only thing he’ll get is a one-year prove-it deal and if he doesn’t put up big numbers he can kiss his NFL career goodbye. I hope he saved some of the $24M he made from the Falcons.

  3. Freeman should consider going to a contender for less money.

    TB is an 8-8, 9-7 kinda team with or without Freeman.

    Devonte should look for a team who’s QB can stretch the field with his arm. Not a QB who needs an hour to stretch, his arm.

  4. Freeman’s best days are behind him. He still assumes he is Superbowl season Freeman, not the injury prone, visibly slower running back he ACTUALLY is.

    Let him follow through on his retirement threat if he is as business savvy as he claims. If not, take a team friendly deal and produce.

  5. He will GET signed if he takes 1/2 what he thinks he deserves. Aging RB arnt in fashion in 2020.

  6. Freeman could have phrased it better, but he’s saying he’s open to talking with the Bucs about taking less money. Arians said there was interest for less money, so there’s a possible deal in play.

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