Bengals pledge $250,000 to initiatives chosen by players and coaches

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The Bengals had not released a public statement amid the widespread protests across America, but today they made a statement with a commitment of cash.

The team announced that it would put $250,000 into community initiatives that will be chosen by players, coaches and staff.

“Please do not mistake a lack of public commentary for indifference,” the team statement said. “The Bengals organization believes that fighting prejudice and discrimination requires action but to do so we have to listen first.

“Serious problems have been with us too long. Our Club has a proud tradition of opposing discrimination and of promoting equality through action, starting when team founder Paul Brown helped break professional sports’ color barrier in 1946 with Marion Motley and Bill Willis. Those are the principles on which the franchise was founded and those are the same principles that guide our organization’s thoughts and actions today.

“The effort to advance equality endures. Progress is needed and progress requires action. These are not just words. The Bengals have acted on these principles throughout the Club’s history and will continue to act on them.”

The Bengals say head coach Zac Taylor has begun the dialogue with players and coaches that will determine the community initiatives that receive the $250,000.

19 responses to “Bengals pledge $250,000 to initiatives chosen by players and coaches

  1. Is that supposed to be impressive? A BILLIONAIRE just donated $250,000. Ok, that’s like me donating $25

  2. Charchar,
    The team may be worth a billion on paper (probably not in today’s environment), but that doesn’t mean the team has a billion laying around to write a check. Ask any cash poor real estate developer about the issue.

  3. OK, $250,000 for a billionaire. So if we want to seriously criticize Brown we should give at least $25 to the same cause. Want to guess how many folks have done that? Or are likely to do that?
    We are quick to call others cheapskates while not bothering to take a dime out of our own pockets to help others.
    By the way, this isn’t the only cause the Bengals support. Sure it’s PR but that doesn’t mean Brown isn’t a decent human being, try to help a little in his own way.

  4. We all know that some players’ voices will matter more than their teammates’ voices – fall in line, sheeple, or suffer the consequences of having your own opinion.

  5. Good luck Joe Burrow, maybe you should just holdout and re-enter the draft next year. NO one wants to be a Bengal including the cheerleaders unless it’s the only opportunity available.
    The NFL should give the franchise to East St. Louis if they are serious about helping the Black community.

  6. I agree that $250,000 doesn’t seem like a lot, but Mike Brown is not a billionaire. He’s probably one of the least wealthy team owners. He didn’t come from a big business background like most owners.

  7. charchar says:
    June 6, 2020 at 3:52 pm
    Is that supposed to be impressive? A BILLIONAIRE just donated $250,000. Ok, that’s like me donating $25

    I hope you did donate. I actually don’t think the team will cap the donation(s) and will add much more money after they read comments like yours & others.

    In the meantime, I hope the dialogue shifts from pointing fingers to coming up with helpful solutions. I would suggest that perhaps the Federal Government can help by allowing significant donations to designated Systematic Racism Charities be fully tax deductible? In fact, a lower income person’s donation should decrease their Federal Tax by 10% above the amount.

  8. Brown and Davis should sell there teams. they run there teams on a shoe string . not a good look for the Shield..

  9. Donations are great and from the heart, but what is needed now is an overhaul of police training, weeding out bad officers and having police leadership that is sincere in changing the system from the inside to better serve all communities safely.

    Police unions need to start being held accountable with strong laws put in place to protect those most susceptible to police brutality.


  10. The downvoting of charitable donations on these comment boards is pathetic.

  11. All you naysayers out there about the small amount Bengals ownership contributing – 1st Brown is not a billionaire 2) I guarantee if someone gave you 250,000 you’d be doing back flips 3) that’s more than some of you knuckleheads will make in a lifetime!

  12. The Bengals cheap narrative is BS. Every year the Bengals pays $250,000 for a new fields for a high school football teams in Cincinnati. Every year. If you live in Cincinnati, which I do, you don’t hear about it. Then again the National Darlings on the East and West coasts fills the airwaves because of the volume of People living there. How much have you donated? They are not perfect, but who is?

  13. Money can’t fix the problem the answers are found in the home!! Racism has its roots in the home it starts there with a lack of respect, and then it’s fueled in the streets. Jimmy doesn’t come out of the womb a racist somebody molded him

  14. It’s not even about training, etc. The culture of the Police departments are the issue. If a bad officer lies, a good office will swear to the lie. Descent, law abiding, and honorable policing is the total responsibility of the police departments. Stop allowing your fellow officers to brutalize citizens and violate their rights. In other words, like most other professions, police have to truly believe in decency and refuse to alibi criminal behavior in their own ranks.

  15. B412, it is about the training. One of the 4 cops was a rookie 4 days into the job. Asked the murderer if he should turn Floyd onto his back when he stated he couldn’t breathe, and was told “no”. Let’s let the facts play out. Sad situation. Makes me sick.

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