Gardner Minshew learned in college how to prepare without an offseason program

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Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew says he knows he can improve this offseason without minicamps and organized team activities, because he’s done it before.

Minshew started college at Troy, then went to Northwest Mississippi Community College, then transferred to East Carolina before transferring again to Washington State. By moving around so much, Minshew says, he got a good feel for how to learn quickly — something he has to do this offseason, as the Jaguars install a new offense without anyone working at the team facility.

“When I was at Washington State, this was kind of the similar thing because I wasn’t there for the spring, so I had to do a lot of it on my own, as well, but we’ve been fortunate,” Minshew said, via ESPN. “We’re meeting everyday with [quarterbacks] coach [Ben] McAdoo, [new offensive coordinator Jay] Gruden and the other guys in the QB room, and we’re all just helping each other and getting as good of work as we can, and I think you have to take ownership on our own as well.”

The Jaguars gave Minshew a vote of confidence this year by trading Nick Foles and not bringing anyone else in to compete for the starting quarterback job. Minshew is putting in the work to justify the confidence the team showed in him.

10 responses to “Gardner Minshew learned in college how to prepare without an offseason program

  1. He’s already shown a willingness to work hard to improve his game which is more than could be said about Blake Bortles. Maybe that’s why Minshew is now starting for the Jags and Bortles is unemployed.

  2. Gardner Minshew is highly intuitive and resourceful – gifts that cannot be taught. He clearly loves the game and evidence suggests he’s a hard worker. I worry that his arm strength could greatly impact his ceiling. He may need to do everything possible to add a few rpms/mph to his middle and deep throws. My money’s on that awesome ‘stache – Go Jaguars, Go Gardner Minshew!!

  3. Gosh I hope this kid becomes a superstar. He’s so genuine and has done so much to earn his way into college, the NFL and now starting for the Jags. Every step of the way he’s done things right. Talent and hard work can take you far, but add in some solid leadership and it may just take you to the Super Bowl and beyond.

  4. Gardner Minshew>>>>>>>>>>Kirk Cousins

    Even Vikings fans if they are honest would feel better about the 2020 season if Minshew were their QB rather than Kirk.

    This cat has heart and moxie. Kirk lacks both.

  5. He’s a back up QB. If it wasn’t for his mustache nobody would be talking about him.

  6. Minshew was as mentally sharp as any college QB I’ve ever seen. He’s elusive and extends plays, while his brain is clicking right along, knowing exactly where his receivers are at all times. I’ve never seen anything close to that in college. And it was his first year in the system , and with no spring practice. He can tuck it run very well too, although that’s not his first instinct. He understands game situations and is always aware of the clock. I was surprised he wasn’t a first rounder. I was shocked when he didn’t go in the 2nd. He’s no fluke. He has the “winner” factor, too. He comes up big in the biggest moments. As far as the NFL goes, he’s still a puppy. He hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. A lot of people would whine about getting a new coach (Jay Gruden), and having to learn a new system already. And then to be kept away from work because of the virus. But Minshew is saying, “I got this”.

  7. Didn’t Jay Gruden have Cousins for awhile at Washington? It’s be really interesting to hear his honest opinion of the two, especially in a couple years when Minshew’s had an opportunity to grow and improve as a professional.

  8. When I saw him come in to play week 1 vs the Chiefs, I could tell he had a little something to him. He came in and looked poised from the beginning. I definitely expect him to make a jump next season, I’ll say he ends up being one of the better QBs of his class.

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